My Story

How to Look like a Mermaid


The Skinny Scout started as a beauty blog way back in 2010, when I was prepping for my Masters thesis in Grenoble. It held its fort while I navigated the strenuous journey of teaching after that, and even after I quit and started my own jewellery company, Trouvée.Co.

Today, I may blog slightly less, but I still keep this site going because it holds so much of what I use to hold so dear. I have much less time to write about beauty products and fashion hauls – but it’s only because my life has evolved towards minimalism and I’m practising being happy with what I have while I work towards my goals in life. 😝

I work as a real estate agent in Singapore as well, not only as a way to learn more about investing, but also to help the ones around me find their dream homes and invest for a better tomorrow. Watch my videos HERE but I’m more active on my Facebook page.

You might also realise that the topics I write about nowadays are not so much about beauty but about lifestyle in general. I love to travel, meet new people and find new experiences, and am constantly finding ways to make my life more about me than about others. If I could live somewhere else in the world, it would either be Lyon or a big city in Canada. I love the peace, nature, space and quiet that low-density regions provide but also can’t do without the convenience and vibrant energy in downtown. Singapore is a bit too intense and humid for my liking, so we’ll see about that!

2018 is the year that my life is taking a big turn, and I wonder what things will look like by Christmas! Let’s be friends and hang out. I’m on Instagram too. xoxo