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Wednesday Musing: My Shopping Wishlist for the Sephora Black Card Member 20% Off Sale

    OK so if you’re a Sephora Black Card member, you’d be aware by now that there’s going to be a members-only 20% sale this weekend and it starts this Thursday, which is tomorrow. It’s the one time just before which you visit the store, try on as many products as you can to […]

NYC Beauty Haul: Japonesque, Palladio, Jouer and More!

    The waiter at Bar Sardine was right. There’s New York, and then there’s the rest of the world. How can I even begin to describe the wonderful time I had in New York?   Yes, maybe shopping. Beauty shopping, to be more exact. I can see why it’s so easy to look put […]

The Ultimate Closing Down Sale: Ends 30th Sept

    Yes, you read that right. Our beloved online beauty store, BEAUTY.COM (and is shutting down for good. I haven’t been a frequent shopper on the site, but have definitely bought stuff from them in the past.   I still remember the first time I discovered it was around the time when […]

Wednesday Musing: What is Your Mantra?

  A photo posted by Roxanne Chia (@theskinnyscout) on Aug 17, 2016 at 9:51pm PDT   How is it that whenever I stay at a nice hotel, its bathroom always has a counter way nicer than my own? I’m talking granite slabs, warm diffused lighting all round the huge mirror and lots of natural light […]

The Simplest 4-Step Night Beauty Ritual You Should Follow for Healthy Skin While Travelling Light

    Applying makeup should feel relaxing and enjoyable, as much as it is taking it off at the end of the day and applying skin care afterwards. You can watch the first part of my night beauty ritual here, where I show you how to remove eye makeup effectively and completely using cotton buds. […]

How to Remove Eye Makeup Using Cotton Buds During Your Night Beauty Ritual

    Removing your makeup every night can actually be easy. I know a lot of times you may feel like it’s a chore, especially when you’re dead beat and just want to go right into bed. And besides, your eye makeup doesn’t completely get removed anyway, no matter what you do. But keeping your […]

Korea Exclusive Beauty Haul: Innisfree Jeju House, Dear Packer, Osulloc and More

    Seoul is such a shopping haven, especially if you’re into skincare and beauty. I didn’t get to buy much in terms of clothes, because so many of the stores we popped into were selling them in free size, which were too big for me. Wait, or is there a trend in oversized clothing […]