Olay and Shu Uemura Saved my Day

If you’ve been following my tweets for the last couple of days, you’d have known that I was dealing with hair that had suddenly turned really oily and sticky. And gross. The stuff that was in my hair… I still don’t know what caused it and how it got there, though I do have a hypothesis (*hint* some shampoo whose name starts with a “D” and has four letters)… That grime would not go away even after I had shampooed my hair. As in, it would still be there even immediately after I shampooed. That meant that shampoo was not taking it off of me. And the weird thing was that it was only present on the top and middle parts of my head. The rest of my hair was OK!

So that was bizzare. My sister had it too and only both of us had used that same shampoo. It was definitely not a result of an oily scalp because how can an oily scalp still be oily right after a shower? Plus, it was sticky and made my hair clump together. So it could only be one other thing: residual deposits in my hair.

Today, i resorted to getting it off once and for all. I tried almost everything in the shower from normal body foam to detergent. Yes, I tried detergent and it still didn’t work. I used Olay’s Total Effects Shower Cream Plus Body Butter and it seemed to help a little. But not all was gone. I was desperate. I almost poured Skin Food’s Lettuce & Cucumber Toner when I spotted my Shu Uemura Skin Purifier.

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

After this, I used a body foam to wash it off. And it worked! It worked! OMG. I was so glad. My hair is now finally back to normal! So thank god for Shu Uemura. My sister tried it on its own but it also only worked on her when she’d used the Olay Shower Cream before it.

Ah, the mystery of the week is solved! Now on to getting some food before I go pack my clothes wardrobe!

Model Hot Seat

So I’m meaning to pack up my clothes and makeup cupboards but the cleaning lady is coming in the afternoon, anytime starting from now. and so I’ve to wait till she’s done or otherwise the whole room will be too messy. I’ve written my first article for March and I’ve got another one to go. I did consider doing a look today but since my makeup is in a whole pile, I don’t want to go near that for the moment. And I simply must get a dark burgundy – purple – brown – red lip colour. Must!

So I ended up watching Model Hot Seat videos on elle.com where Elle interviews models backstage at this year’s shows like Alexander Wang and BCBG Maxazria. Wow. It seems like them models don’t like wearing makeup to go out outside of their jobs! When the interviewer asked them what makeup they’d usually wear, they said, “nothing,” or some said mascara and eyeliner at the most. I guess when you’re in makeup every single day for hours on end, and when you see that good makeup takes ages to be put together, the last thing you want on your days off is to put more of it back on.

And it also seems to me that Chanel’s Precision Demaquillant Yeux Intense Gentle Biphase Eye Makeup Remover is a popular product among the models. Of course, the models interviewed were all caucasian, so I can’t say the same for the asian ones.

Oh gosh. I am bored! I have things I wanna do but I can’t! Now where is she???

MAC Haul

Went out to town today with my brother to watch “Nine,” the musical movie by Rob Marshall. It was awesome. I love musicals! They are my favourite genre in cinematics and theatrics. Anyway, after that we headed to a few places to get some chores done, like my Nine West shoes repaired (if possible) and his Emporio Armani watch straps replaced (it was a birthday present from his friends).

And we also managed to pop by the MAC counter at Isetan Scotts. The SA over there was really helpful and nice and didn’t give me the usual arrogant vibe that all other MAC SAs do. I like her! Unfortunately I don’t know her name. She has short hair and a porcelain complexion. Ok, that’s not really helpful. Well, I came home $52 poorer but two eyeshadow shades richer!

MAC Vanilla and Nylon

I love these colours! I now have nice highlighter colours. The current one I use is from my Bobbi Brown palette and it doesn’t show. So yay! I’m happy!

Estee Lauder and MAC Blushes

Here’s a quick one for the warm, warm weather today! Let’s start off with a blush from Estee Lauder’s Signature range.

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in 02 Pink Kiss

I got this redeemed at an Estee Lauder makeover event for my graduation dinner last year. It was recommended to me by the SA at the booth, who was actually my cousin’s girlfriend. I didn’t take an immediate liking to the shade because it was pink. I had wanted a coral – peachy colour.

The packaging is pretty though. A dark navy blue compact that includes a mirror and brush.

The compact

A swatch to go with it

But now, my tan has faded and I’m back to being my MAC NC 35 tone. I guess that’s fair – medium with yellow undertones. And this colour fits me perfectly! I like it and currently it’s my favourite blush shade from my three blushes. The second one I’m featuring today is from MAC.

The compact with its see-through plastic lid

The compact opened

I’ve never really liked this colour too much. I got this shade (Peaches) only because I was looking for a coral – peachy one, and this was the one that the SA had recommended to me. In my opinion, it’s too orangey so I only use it lightly. The thing about the compact is that it does not come with a mirror nor a brush, so you’ll have to have your own brush. Maybe it’s a marketing ploy to get you to buy their brushes! The brush I use is from Bobbi Brown.

A swatch of MAC’s Peaches

I’m planning on doing some more reviews. So stay tuned!

A List of Things I Can’t Do Without

Everyone has a list like this. If one of something from that list gets taken away from your life, you’d go bersek! So here’s mine!

1) Family

2) Friends

3) Love

4) Trust

5) Internet

6) Cheese

7) Photoshop

8) Makeup

9) Travel

10) A good read

11) Potatoes

12) Money

13) Uniball Signo DX 0.28 (it’s a pen)

14) Isolated beaches

15) Air conditioning

16) Ruffles

17) Animals

That’s it! What’s yours?

Topshop Tights and the Balm

I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to share. First off, I just bought a new pair of tights from Topshop! It’s really pretty and to be honest, I only fell in love with it after chancing upon it on their website. I’m planning to wear this to the casting tomorrow!

Topshop Bow and Seam Back Tights

I figured that if there’s a chance I might end up on TV, I might as well make myself all accessorised up. I’m still deciding between the fake lashes and nicely shadowed eyes. Which shall I pick!!!

I’ve also finally managed to get dark green eyeshadow in the exact kind of darkness that I’ve been looking for! Actually I came across this brand by chance. I was at Sasa at Wisma yesterday and the sales assistant recommended me this brand: the Balm.

Picture taken from the website

It’s a new brand from the states and currently, they are having a promotion. Two eyeshadow colours for $35 whereas if you only get one, it is at the normal price of $24.90. I got Jealous Jordana (out of stock now at Wisma. I got mine at J8) while a friend of mine got Caught in the Act Courtney.

Cute packaging for their Shady Lady Eyeshadow range

Jealous Jordana in its own compact and mirror

Swatch for Jealous Jordana with and without Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)

As you can see, the green is just awesome. There’s nothing sweet and cutesy about dark colours. Dark colours are all about being sexy and that’s why I like the Balm. It’s all about embracing the female in us all! Their products have pretty names like “Mary-Lou Manizer aka ‘the Luminizer’ (luminiser),” “Pick-up Liners (eye liners),” “Sexy Mama (anti-shine translucent powder)” and “Cabana Boy (shadow/blush all-in-one).” Even the pictures on their packaging are cute!

Oooh, burlesque – Picture taken from the website

It seems like a Benefit spin-off but with much reasonable prices. It has sort of a retro-American – Hollywood glamour – exotic Caribbean feel to it. I will be back for more yummys from the Balm!

Attitude Jumper from Ministry of Retail

I just bought myself a jumper from an online blogshop at Ministry of Retail. It looks nice and I can’t wait to get it in the mail. Will probably receive it in early March, so that’s still a couple of weeks away. Before that, I have my Destinee diamond necklace to look forward to! The collection date for that is on the 28th February, which is next week! *excited* Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the jumper, taken off the website itself:

I’d originally wanted to get myself their Audrey Dress in black too. It’s just the exact type of dress I’m currently looking out for – the Audrey panel dress with 3/4 sleeves. I realised that it’s also quite Victoria Beckham-ish. I like it! I think VB is a great designer. Her clothes are all stylish and classy and elegant and if I wear them I will feel like I’m her. LOL. Anyway, I didn’t get the one from Ministry of Retail because I think it doesn’t fit me very well, judging from the measurements given in the site.

I suppose I can call this my farewell celebration present. Today was my last day of work!

Makeup Spring Cleaning and Haul

I decided to do a spring cleaning of my makeup collection last night because I was gonna go get some makeup today. *beams* This was what I had stashed up in my cupboard:

Makeup palettes from Bobbi Brown and Chanel

Blushes and bronzer from Clinique, MAC, Estee Lauder and Yves Rocher (clockwise from top left)

Urban Decay’s primer potion and eyeshadows from I.D. Bare Minerals, Bobbi Brown, MAC, The Body Shop, Cyber Colours, Ed Pinaud and Bourjois (clockwise from top left)

Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-on Eyeliner mini set and Revlon’s Colour Stay liquid liner

Shiseido’s mascara base, Diorshow Iconic Extreme mascara, Lancome’s Hypnose mascara (gift from my man) and Estee Lauder’s Doublewear Zero Smudge Lenghtening Mascara

Lip glosses from H&M, MAC’s Lipglass, MAC’s tinted lip balm and Bobbi Brown’s lip colour

That’s not a lot right? Anyway I threw away a few things immediately after I took the pictures. Had to get rid of my MAC Lipglass, blush from Clinique and bronzer from Yves Rocher. I also threw away my eyeshadow from Splash (not pictured) because I realised that I’ve had it for more than 4 years! The colour was still awesome but it had to go.

And now for my new makeup! Today was makeup shopping day. I decided that I needed more eyeshadow colours and I had decided to get some from Shu Uemura because I had heard about their great quality and pigmentation. I also had to get a compact foundation from Shiseido because my MAC Studio Fix is running out and I want to try something else. So here was what I came home with:

From Shiseiso: Sheer Matifying Compact with case and Pureness Foaming Cleansing Fluid

From Shu Uemura: Farfallina lashes (!!!!) and three eyeshadow colours. The rest were freebies!

The three eyeshadow colours up close: M Black 990 (a matte black), ME Olive 471 (new range) and IR Purple 795 (left to right)

I can’t wait to try them out! Now I really need a makeup box to put everything in. I also wanna get more colours. The ones from Shu Uemura seemed soooo pigmented when the SA used a BRUSH to apply them on my hand. Usually, brushes don’t pick up a lot of colour like sponge applicators so I was really surprised with what I saw. It’s a good thing too, because I only have brushes! I didn’t get the lash glue from Shu Uemura because it was out of stock islandwide! Madness. The new stock will only be in on the 1st of March, so all you girls take note!

Anyway, I just did a review on my new GEO tricolour contact lenses at my blogger page so do check it out!