luella s/s 2010

i just spotted this dress from luella and thought that i like it very much:

luella s/s 2010.

and then i found out after 5 minutes that the brand’s pulling out. such is the transient nature of fashion…

diamond pendants are oh so yummylicious

wow. i really want to get myself a pendant that i can wear around forever and ever and ever. ok, maybe just for a long time, 24/7. like something from lee hwa’s destinee range. i love the destinee diamond alot! went on amazon and found a few pretty pendants. all expensive, of course, and much too big for my liking. i just want a small one. but these are still nice to look at nonetheless.

14k white gold butterfly pendant with diamond accent – usd$149.99.

10k rose gold diamond eiffel tower pendant – usd$91.99 – $129.99.

sapphire and genuine diamond heart pendant in 14k white gold – usd$199.99.

they are so pretty right! i think i’ll take a trip to lee hwa later during lunch (i’m so going to get my miso ramen) and peek at the displays. oh love the destinee range! i love sparkly sparkly stuff! tee hee hee.

sales ahoy!

an interesting start to today! first up, there are two big sales going on this weekend, so babes, get your purses ready! don’t spend money on your cappuccinos and expensive italian dinners! for here comes kate spade and kate loves heels! just realised both are “kate”s. haha.

kate spade sale.

kate loves heels. remember to rsvp. a bigger picture of this einvite can be found surrealistlovescene.

had my small dose of cnn this morning too, and on the news was the death of a fourth grader in texas. he had committed suicide. hanged himself in the toilet. suicide! not even ten years old! what is the world coming to? gosh!

anyway i celebrated my birthday yesterday after work with a dinner at earle swensen’s at vivo city with my aunt, god mother, siblings and my sister’s boyfriend. walked around for a bit after that and found out that tangs was having a sale for their shoes!!! got a pair of sandals for less than $20. citibank credit card members get an additional 5% off! hurry down there!

returned home to find two teddys waiting for me on the table. they had shirts on that said “missing you” and “happy birthday.” from my man. he couldn’t decide which of the two to send me, so he sent me both! hmm. maybe if he wants to buy me a ring and he can’t decide, he will buy me two diamonds too! ha ha ha. what, can’t i dream?

anyway my right eye is all weird today. i can’t see clearly from most angles and there is something in it! argh. annoying.

my own reality show

the amount of funds received by haiti as of tuesday was $783m, not including international aid pledges. i read that on cnn. then i started to wonder and i had a very interesting thought (ok, at least i think it’s interesting)!

people like watching reality shows right? and people love watching reality shows that have stupid people in them making fools out of themselves right? so. imagine. people from all over donating some money and such to one particular “show” and in this show, a random person is selected to be the recipient of all this cash. he or she can choose to spend it in whatever way he or she wants to, whenever and however and where ever… you get the gist. and he or she is filmed and documented in order to see how the money is spent.

maybe this $700-odd million will be enough for someone to live the rest of his or her life worry-free and maybe even pay for their grand children’s pension. that kind of person will not qualify for the show and therefore there must be questionnaires to fill up before the participant is selected. you know, so you can see if you will create a good or bad show.

a smart guy will take the money and invest in property that will not depreciate over time. like chateaux, for example. a dumb guy will invest in pimped up cars that no one else will want to buy in a few years, even if they cost 1 cent. guys would be more interesting to watch because they will spend money on things like lap dances at bars, expensive world cup finals tickets, extravagant cars, hot models, the newest tech stuff on the market every month… and the stupid guys will also spend money on, on top of those mentioned, big companies and will then cause the death of those money-making biggies because they don’t know how to run businesses and are always with their hot model-cum-lap dancers (ha ha ha pun).

a girl will take the money and also go shopping and do other fun stuff like attend fashion shows, attend exclusive branded product launches, go shopping (!!!) and the dumb ones will get plastic surgeries until they can’t get any more and look like crap. omg. this show will run for ages! hahaha!

imagine what you can do with all that money! buy yachts, throw parties, go crazy, go on holidays and stay at six senses all the time, hire servants… i don’t know… when you get to the most of everything, what else can you do? buy cows and learn how to milk them in holland? buy farms and detergent and hire cleaners to clean your farm everyday?

oh oh. the dumb ones will also be cheated of their money! i’m sure of that. it just depends on how creative the cheats are.

anyway i’m sure this is good gossip fodder! and viewers can also learn alot of lessons from watching the one with all the money. maybe they’ll learn that money does make the world go round. maybe they’ll see the evils of the dollar. i’m sure someone will learn not to be equally stupid (if it happens) and make mistakes that result in million-dollar losses. oh. if the rich person ends up in debt and hangs himself… i think then the show will have run its course. ha ha!

online window shopping

charms de monogram yellow gold heart locket from louis vuitton.

carriage charm from juicy couture.

teapot charm from juicy couture.

teacup charm from juicy couture.

heart charm from juicy couture.

elastic hairband from juicy couture.

body sorbet from juicy couture – what i’d put in my bathroom just because it looks so pretty.

ski bunny pink pearl charm bracelet from betsy johnson.

crystal and blue topaz earrings by asha by adm.

gloves with lace by dolce and gabbana.

gold jewelled crown ring by carlos souza.

cashmere scarf with embroidery and lace detail from javani.

18k gold-plated filigree cuff from isharya.

mini pendant with amethyst from monica vinader.

vanilla skies parasol from

dot dot dot pearl stretch bracelet with polka dot heart (tan/black) from betsy johnson.

i’m all about packaging. i’m the kind of girl who buys something just because it looks nice or just because the colour and design would go so well with what i’m planning to put it together with. never mind if it doesn’t work as well. stuff that are really hard duty don’t often look as good anyway and when they last for ages at a pop, it’s no fun because you can’t shop!

anyway are angelina and brad splitting up? please say yes. hollywood is getting boring (tiger does not count because he belongs in the grasslands).

and, today is my birthday! i turn 24! actually i don’t feel any different. i’ve still not quite gotten over the 22 part yet. haha! i think people don’t ask me my age enough for me to feel it, you know? i haven’t said, “i’m 23,” to people often enough that a part of me still lives in the 22-yr-old of me. i think i’d better start because if i don’t and i suddenly find myself at 35, i will stop breathing for a day.

i’ve also found out to my dismay that google translate is suddenly banned at my workplace. i need to translate received emails in french for my master application! gah!

omg. sudden horror pang. spider veins. cellulite. freckles. wrinkled knees. stretch marks. *gasp*

all the juicy couture stuff over at juicy couture while the louis vuitton locket and everything else found at polyvore.

e-meow me yeah?

Dear Ah Lian

Thanks you for your litter. Wrong time no see you. How everythink? For me, I am quiet find.

You say in your letter your taukeh soh want you to chain your look? Somemore you must wear kick kok soo, hope you can wok properly.

You know, Ah Kau Kia working in a soft where company now. Last week, he take I, Muthu & few of his friend to May Nonut to eat barger. After that he take we all go to kalah ok. Muthu sing and sing no stop until the sky bright.

Next week, my father mother going to seller bread 20 years Annie wear sari. My father mother going to give a fist to all the kampong people. So you must come with your hole family.

I only hope one day we no need to write and send letter to you and to me. Better I e-meow you, you e-meow me. I will ketchup with you soon. And when you got time, please few free to call me. Good buy…

Worm regret,

Ah Beng

if you are clueless, here’s my translation from broken singrish to proper singlish:

Dear Ah Lian

Thank you for your letter. Long time no see you. How’s everything? For me, I am quite fine.

You say in your letter your taukeh soh want you to change your look? Somemore you must wear heels, hope you can walk properly.

You know, Ah Kau Kia working in a software company now. Last week, he take I, Muthu & few of his friend to MacDonald’s to eat burger. After that he take we all go to karaoke. Muthu sing and sing no stop until the sky bright.

Next week, my father mother going to celebrate 20 years anniversary. My father mother going to give a feast to all the kampong people. So you must come with your whole family.

I only hope one day we no need to write and send letter to you and to me. Better I email you, you email me. I will catch up with you soon. And when you got time, please feel free to call me. Good bye…

Warm regards,

Ah Beng

so funny! this is a reason i love our country. lol! the original “letter” was taken from forwarded emails.

bitching time – a letter

dear lady in the train,

i know you are busy with work. and maybe you have a family to look after. little kids that need running after, feeding, diaper change or school work revision. or maybe it’s the household chores you have to do, like washing the shit stains off your husband’s underwear. or maybe you are hard for cash, in which case, you should seriously consider a promotion or a change of job.

but having such dark curly, unruly, dry hair all over the place is not a nice sight. it makes me think that you look like a walking headful of pubic hair and now everyone knows you don’t shave. i don’t even want to begin looking at your legs. luckily though, you are wearing pants. you walk like you are going in for the gangster fight with your rivals. but honey, looking like that, i think everyone is your rival.

your dress sense is normal, just like everyone else. your complexion is ok too. it’s just the hair, you know? do you even comb it? when was the last time you pampered yourself and visited the salon? do you even know salons still exist ever since you had the last perm? or have you even heard of this thing called conditioner? what about hair masks or treatments?

i’m always intrigued by people like you. it’s like i need to know the underlying reason for such eyesores. are you even aware of how terrible you look?

well i hope someone knocks some sense into your head. good luck with that though, since it has such a thick layer of protection all around it.

p.s. i don’t see how yummylicious you get can with that dried bush of hay.

why i love pilates

i discovered this form of exercise by chance when i was still studying in university. my girl friends and i came across this booth put up by a campus club called “pretty fit,” which organised classes like dance (eg. salsa, rnb), yoga and pilates for girls. because of our schedules and availability, we picked the pilates course and man am i glad we did (i’d originally wanted salsa but now i think maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t go for that because i could’ve ended up dancing with a really gross guy for the whole semester).

i love pilates and i really wish everyone can pick this up! here are some reasons:

1) you can do this indoors, even in air conditioned rooms as long as you have a mat. you don’t need to do it in the sweltering heat nor near any roads (joggers… bleah) so you don’t breathe in polluted air. you also don’t need to pay for gym membership.

2) it’s relatively easy to pick up and the steps are not difficult.

3) there are different levels of difficulty for pilates and therefore anyone and everyone can do it.

4) you tone up your muscles without building body mass (my favourite reason).

5) pilates focuses on core strengh – your abdominal muscles and your backbone (spine). thus, this improves your posture a whole lot. and… abs abs abs!

6) it helps to prevent future injury and helps ease back pains.

7) it increases body awareness. after doing pilates for a while, you’ll notice which part of your body needs more attention, which parts aren’t doing so well.

8) you feel fit and healthy after a workout.

9) it helps to shape your body and girls, you’ll start to see the difference between your waist and your hips. =)

10) you just feel more attractive after. plus, people’s reaction when you tell them you do pilates is priceless. lol!

so yeah… just felt like sharing.

anyway, met up with some friends from my primary school class for breakfast today. it was nice! there’s still so much we can talk about even after all these years. i’m sure that stands for something. =) oh yes, and i’m really loving my freshkon contact lenses!

a matter close to my heart

for a really long time, i was an unhappy girl. as far back as i can remember, it was since primary six. but it was all due to many reasons and they just happened to all add up and make my life suck. but the worst was when i had got into junior college and my complexion started to get worse and showed no signs of getting any better.

i guess some people don’t get my obsession with a flawless complexion and i can see why. they’ve never gone through what i had to go through when i was around the age of 17 – 21. they wouldn’t understand.

while other girls complained about a pimple near the upper lip as being “gross,” i wondered, what about me? was i then, somewhat like a troll? a bottle of liposuctioned liquid fats? i was basically a walking disease. i was disgusting. i never understood how the time of the month would contribute to an outbreak for a few days prior to its arrival. i never had that. my outbreaks came all the time. every single day. and they came in huge waves. like, big disgusting cystic-like pimples all over my face. 5 or more at a time kind of outbreaks. i was so depressed!

i looked all around me and wondered why the other girls didn’t have the same problem as me. were they even undergoing puberty like i was? their skin was FLAWLESS. like a baby’s. the weather made it worse for me. hot, humid, stuffy, ugh. i had an oily face even before assembly in the morning! i hated it! and when we had p.e. classes, it just made things worse! the other girls didn’t seem to sweat at all while i probably stood out like a lit-up bulb. my extra-high metabolic rate also contributed to my low tolerance of heat and even now, i still very much prefer colder climates.

once, i had gone to see a dermatologist at the national skin centre. after a few appointments, oral medication and creams, it did improve. then the dermatologist gave me this bottle of stuff to apply all over my face and i had a bad reaction to it. that was the day i found out that i was allergic to alcohol. my whole face turned red. it wasn’t even patchy. it was red all over. and the skin was tight. i couldn’t twitch my eyebrows or talk properly because it would hurt. it was just terrible. i went to school but then decided i had to see the dermatologist about it because people were staring at me.

and another time, i got so depressed and my self esteem had plummeted so low that i refused to leave the house. my mum got angry about the way i handled it and she told me that what mattered more was the person inside, not how i looked. but her words didn’t do much to help me. i wanted to get rid of whatever i was having once and for all and it was proving to be really difficult! my dad, on the other hand, told me that first impressions counted and mattered alot and appearances were very important. i suppose both of them were right, just that one was more “right” than the other depending on the situation.

i felt terrible about myself and didn’t like what i saw in the mirror. everytime i looked, it just made me feel worse than before. many times, i would get tired of all these and i’d become happy for a while after counting my blessings or after listening to clubbing songs. i’d excitedly ask my friends out to party, only to pull out at the last minute because of what i saw in the mirror minutes after. that started to piss people off and friends started to think i wasn’t dependable and that i was the kind of person who couldn’t keep dates. and maybe i was and i hated myself for that. but i simply couldn’t go out looking like shit. i just couldn’t. they didn’t understand. how could they? they weren’t going through life the way i was. i once had to turn my date down because of a sudden (and i really mean sudden) outbreak of rashes, after i had already agreed to go to a concert with him.

my social life was in ruins and i’m really glad that my true friends have stayed with me till now. it was not exactly fun to have crazy skin that broke out every day. new pimples came out even before the old ones healed. so my face was in a constant mess. the weather made it worse. the oil made it worse too. and then my skin became sensitive. on a good day, i had maybe 5 new ones. on a bad day, i lost count. it was raging hormones on my skin’s surface i swear. i could feel them oozing out because there wasn’t enough space inside of me to contain them (ok this part may be a bit exaggerated).

even now, my skin is sensitive and i usually feel that it’s unfair when i hear other girls tell me that their skin is sensitive. i mean, come on. i don’t think anyone’s skin is more sensitive than mine. does yours grow a new pimple overnight at the spot that touched your pillow and/or blanket while sleeping? well, guess whose does. that’s right, you’re reading her bloody blog. and it’s not that my sheets are dirty. it happens to ANY sheet i touch, even those from nice, cosy hotels.

i had done all i could to make my skin better, to make it all go away. i washed my face twice a day, i tried clinique’s 3 step skin care routine, i tried masks, i tried exfoliators, i tried oral medication, i tried topical medication… whatever there was out there, i had tried it. they never worked enough. and because i had such sensitive skin, i also had to be even more careful about what i used as it could cause a backlash.

why do cosmetic and skin care companies always classify “dry/sensitive” as one category? they are being insensitive (haha pun)! i have “oily/dry/sensitive” skin and nobody caters to that. that’s why i want to have my own line of skin care in the future to cater to people like me. because nobody really cares about us. they only want to earn the big bucks and cater to the masses. and this is something that i feel very strongly about.

i wish i had discovered the contraceptive pill earlier in life. maybe i wouldn’t have had that many problems then. after all, the primary purpose of the contraceptive is to clear up your skin. the preventing pregnancy part is just a side effect, as researchers had found out. yet in today’s world, women use the pill to prevent having bawling babies and the accompanying good complexion is just a bonus.

i’m glad i got started on the pill. to be honest, i had hesitated for a while because i was worried about the other possible side effects like weight gain and not being able to have babies in the future (i don’t even know if this is true!). but the pros have outweighed the cons. sure, my weight fluctuates crazily, like plus minus a few kilograms every other day, but hey, at least my complexion is WAY better now. my skin isn’t as oily and i don’t have outbreaks often anymore. i can even use moisturiser in the day and not feel like my skin can be used to fry fish on it.

well, i hope that maybe someone out there who’s having the same problems as i did can find comfort in the fact that they’re not the only one. things will get better in time, trust me. meanwhile, doing things to fill your time will help alot in self improvement. reading up on topics that interest you like astrology or archaeology, or even novels is a good start because you can do that at home while your skin erupts like a volcano and simmers after.

i’m happy with the way my life has turned out so far. i’ve always wanted to keep growing older because i’ve always known that whatever problems i’ve been having would go away with time. i still believe in this now. time heals alot of things if you let it. some things remain as scars and they may not look pretty but they remind you of the troubles you had to go through to get to where you are today and they will make you stronger.

besides, you can always count on lasers. =)