Korea Exclusive Beauty Haul: Innisfree Jeju House, Dear Packer, Osulloc and More


Seoul Beauty Haul


Seoul is such a shopping haven, especially if you’re into skincare and beauty. I didn’t get to buy much in terms of clothes, because so many of the stores we popped into were selling them in free size, which were too big for me. Wait, or is there a trend in oversized clothing that I missed?


Anyhow, you need to read on and watch my video below on what I did get for myself in the end and find out where exactly you can find them too. There are several very exclusive beauty products that you can only find in certain stores in Korea, like the Innisfree Jeju House Fresh Topping Pack and my favourite Dear Packer Masks. I ended up buying so much, but I’m still so scared to use them all and have them run out before I know it. You get that too, right?

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How Pokemons Are Actually Us – Pokemon Beauty Woes


A photo posted by Virginia (@virginiaalanis) on


So recently, PokemonGo is the one thing nobody can stop talking about – or playing. While some of us have quit Facebook to get away from the madness, the majority of us just want to catch them all.


As I was playing PokemonGo in bed – I can reach about two Pokestops from there – I realised just how much we resemble one another. I mean, just take a look at these.

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Laced Ivory is Now The Skinny Scout!


The Skinny Scout


Happy National Day Singapore! We’re 51 this year, and I can’t be more proud!


Since it’s our country’s big day today, I thought it apt to announce that the blog has been undergoing a rebranding phase and officially launches today as The Skinny Scout! You might have noticed it over the past couple of weeks on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, but today is when the site is 100% live and raring to go.


So, who is The Skinny Scout and what is this all about? What am I giving away this time? Do watch the video below to find out how you can win some Korea-exclusive skincare items I bought this summer!


{Giveaway ends 15th August, 12am, and is open only to Singapore residents.}

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The One Place You Should Get Your Hair Dyed at in Singapore


Purple Hair Inspiration


I haven’t always had hair this crazy. I never used to like having my hair dyed but #YOLO came along and I realised that if I didn’t try and do it now, I might regret it when I’m 80 and bald. I know there are always wigs out there that are very convincing but nothing beats having your hair free in the wind and not having to worry about it flying off your head. Besides, nobody likes an oily, sweaty scalp in humid Singapore.


So I took the chance when Jean asked if I wanted to get my hair done at Le Jean Hair & Beauty Salon in exchange for a hair magazine photoshoot. The last time I got it trimmed was probably six months ago anyway. And after 6 hours at the salon, my red-hot pink-purple-blue-green-brown-ash hair was ready.


A photo posted by Roxanne Chia (@theskinnyscout) on

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Haul: O-Lens Korea Coloured Contact Lenses and Freebies


O-Lens Korea Review

A quick haul snap.


In the midst of everything Korean, I’m going to introduce to you my first-ever shopping experience at an O-Lens Korea store in either Seoul or Busan (I really can’t remember).


While shopping and visiting lively areas in the city, I spotted a few O-Lens Korea stores here and there. I never really bought stuff from them before because I usually get my coloured lenses online. But then it hit me, that I was in Korea and had real-life access to all the gorgeous coloured lenses that I could ever have for the foreseeable future. So I stepped into a random store one afternoon and asked a salesgirl if they had any 6-month pairs. Of course they did.


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The Absolute Must-Have Item in Your Luggage When Travelling


Grey Jersey Dress


I know right, travelling light is such a challenge especially when you’ve got so many beauty products and shoes to bring along. When we’re packing for our trips, we’re always thinking of the many outfits that would look great in photographs. If we pack a top, we need something at the bottom to go with it. Add to that the fact that we need to consider our activities when we’re at the new place. Are we going to have shopping days? Are we going trekking? Will we go whale watching? The list of questions is endless.


But I recently discovered a staple that should be in everyone’s luggage when travelling: the grey jersey dress.


Grey Jersey Dress


Grey Jersey Dress

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Discover: L’Occitane’s Top 10 Best Selling Products


L'Occitane Best Selling Products

L’Occitane’s top 10 best selling products, right here on The Skinny Scout.


A while back (but hopefully not too much of a while), I attended the intimate 40th anniversary party of L’Occitane, where I discovered some new shea butter hand creams and tote bags that will be launched later this year in September. I was also gifted samples of the brand’s top 10 best selling products, and thought I’d share them with you.

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How to Effortlessly Channel Your Inner Dolce & Gabbana Wherever You Go


Mixxo Korea White Dress

With them hot pink flip flops, because that’s how I roll.

Mixxo Korea White Dress


Mixxo Korea White Dress


If I asked you to describe the Dolce & Gabbana style without searching for any of their pictures right now, what would you say? Perhaps it depends on the season, since after all the runway changes every 3 months, right? Not exactly.


Every brand has its signature look. It’s like how when you think of Chanel and tweed comes into mind. Or Burberry, and the classic English camel trench with its big buttons blows you away. The Dolce & Gabbana look is one that’s luxurious, bold and self-assuredly Italian. You may not hold all these qualities at the same time all the time, but there are definitely moments when you feel one or the other. And when you travel, no matter where you end up in, you can look and feel the same way.


Mixxo Korea White Dress


Mixxo Korea White Dress


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Wednesday Musing on Beauty Blogs & Instagram Check: Are They Still as Reliable?


Are beauty blogs reliable?



A while back, makeup artist and beauty blogger Renee wrote a blog entry asking if beauty blogs could still be trusted. In recent months, or maybe years, blogging has been put in the spotlight for the right and wrong reasons. Bloggers making a decent living out of sponsorships, non-disclosure of said sponsorships resulting in possible misperceptions, blatant lying, plagiarism and so on and so forth. Even our local government has stepped in with an attempt to regulate how bloggers work.


But the thing is, what about you, the reader? How trusting are you? Do you do your background checks before buying into what a blogger says? Do you go back to believing a blogger if a product he or she has previously endorsed didn’t work out for you? You see, blogging works both ways, and ultimately, everyone has to be smart about it.


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Korea Trippin’ 2016: Busan the Beach Club


Things to do in Busan

Busan, a coastal city with a cool beach.


Busan is a charming little city that although has fewer people than Seoul, also has something a bit more than what Seoul can give. It’s got a city center, where you can do some shopping if you like, and where the shops aren’t too many in numbers or don’t all sell the same thing. There’s a great night scene in this city, where clubs are still sounding strong at 10pm on a Sunday night – at least from the outside.


Street food stalls go strong till late at night, and you also feel safe where you are. My favourite part of this city is Haeundae Beach, but maybe only because I’m a beach girl at heart. We went there three times in our four days here! If you love seafood, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out our travel video below.



Here are some things to do in Busan, if you’re looking for something other than Seoul to visit.


1. Shop at the Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center

It rained half the time we were in Busan, but thank God there are still things to do when the weather threatens to spoil everything. Shopaholics may enjoy this underground shopping center, but beware of shops that do not display prices.


2. Visit Seomyeon, the city center, in the day and night

Seomyeon is where everything happens. You’ve got shops, tons of restaurants and even street side food stalls. ‘Nuff said! In the day, it’s just like any other lively city but things liven up a lot at night. The neon lights, flashy signs and music escaping clubs’ entrances will remind one of Tokyo, even if you’ve never been there yourself.

If you’ve missed Yoogane before, you can try dining here too. There is an Artbox branch, where I ended up buying a card reader and selfie lens for my camera. I was so tempted to get one of those cute cloud night lights but stopped myself because I don’t really have space at home for it. Oh, and I might have also bought a new pair of sports shoes from one of the several Nike stores located in this area.


3. Visit Beomeosa Temple

Beomeosa Temple is one of the temples that can be found in Busan. It’s in the north of Busan, and you can easily get there if you can get by with the metro in a foreign land. It rained the whole time we had planned to be there, and even when we optimistically paused at a cafe at Beomeosa’s metro exit to wait for the rain to stop, it didn’t. Needless to say, we ended up not visiting this temple even though we were so close. Maybe next time.

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