The Ultimate Closing Down Sale: Ends 30th Sept


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Yes, you read that right. Our beloved online beauty store, BEAUTY.COM (and is shutting down for good. I haven’t been a frequent shopper on the site, but have definitely bought stuff from them in the past.


I still remember the first time I discovered it was around the time when people started doing sprees on LiveJournal. And now that they’re moving on to greener pastures (I believe), a part of the old me feels like it’s dying. All the history, my teenaged years, my first forays into the internet and online shopping… all gone just like that. Excuse me while I bawl my eyeballs out for a second.


Anyhow, now that news has spread, I don’t see how will retract their statement and suddenly decide to not close down anymore. So we all might as well make good use of the opportunity and shop early for Christmas presents. Right? Christmas can never come too early.


I’ve picked out some awesome products from the sale and am sharing them on the blog today. Almost all of them are on sale, regardless of whether it’s Urban Decay, Japonesque or Amazing Cosmetics. If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate any longer.


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Introducing Trouvé Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewellery for the Traveller in You Gemstone Jewellery


It has always been a dream of mine to create something beautiful and share it with the rest of the world. And when I finally had the inspiration from my recent spate of travels, I thought it was time for me to just get down and do it. After all, life is short they say, so why wait on something you can do today?


I’m so excited to share with you my new semi-precious gemstone jewellery line, TROUVEE.CO. Trouvé has been my baby project for the past 1 year and I can’t be happier to finally officially launch it. The current collection is small but each design has been specifically tailored and created to suit the theme of the collection, which was inspired by my trip last year to Ha Long Bay in Vietnam (any Vietnamese here?).


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Wednesday Musing: What is Your Mantra?


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How is it that whenever I stay at a nice hotel, its bathroom always has a counter way nicer than my own? I’m talking granite slabs, warm diffused lighting all round the huge mirror and lots of natural light coming in through the tall glass windows.

It’s so good that all my facial flaws suddenly seem so glaringly obvious, and I end up wondering if I’ve always looked like that even when I’m back in Singapore, where the humidity is supposed to make my skin age slower.

I’m in the midst of a new book I bought, PRETTY HONEST BY SALI HUGHES (I can’t recommend it enough), and Sali starts off with her grandmother’s beauty mantra. That got me thinking: What was my mantra?
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The Simplest 4-Step Night Beauty Ritual You Should Follow for Healthy Skin While Travelling Light


Night Beauty Ritual - Skincare


Applying makeup should feel relaxing and enjoyable, as much as it is taking it off at the end of the day and applying skin care afterwards. You can watch the first part of my night beauty ritual here, where I show you how to remove eye makeup effectively and completely using cotton buds.


In today’s blog entry, I show you my skin care routine that comes right after cleansing every night. This is a simple 4-step process, which means you can do this when you’re travelling light and will still have the essentials your skin needs.



To summarise, the order of the products you apply should be:

  1. eye cream
  2. spot treatment
  3. serum
  4. moisturiser

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Finally Revealed: Innisfree Jeju House Fresh Topping Pack Ingredient Benefits


Innisfree Jeju House Green Tea Plantation


The best thing to do when missing a place you’ve recently travelled to is to explore another place. I know right now, being in New York is completely far off from anything Korean but it’s only fitting that this be my last post on our recent trip to Korea while I’m trying my hand at liking bagels.


One of the main beauty items I was crazily stocking up on while in Korea was the Innisfree Jeju House Fresh Topping Pack. You might have seen me rave about it on my haul video here. I love this mask so much and I’m so afraid that I would finish it up, so I haven’t dared to open a tub yet. In any case, I’m sure that time will come soon enough!


Innisfree Jeju House Fresh Topping Pack

A snap shot of the Fresh Topping Pack bar at the store in Samcheongdong, previously seen in my blog entry on Seoul here.


Because this product range is so exclusive, you can only find it in two physical places in the world. One is the Innisfree Jeju House store at Samcheongdong in Seoul, Korea. The other one is at the Innisfree Jeju House main store at Jeju, Korea. I can’t say for online shops, but you definitely get the real deal in these two locations.

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The Only Rose Gold Nail Polish You Will Ever Need


Butter London Rosie Lee Nail Polish


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Do you follow colour trends? I don’t but if it weren’t for fashion, I would never have discovered the gorgeous, glamourous sunset colour that is rose gold. My favourite colour used to be hot pink, but then it became pastel pink, and now that rose gold has joined the party, I guess I can safely say that I just like pink.


I discovered this beautiful rose gold nail polish, the BUTTER LONDON ROSIE LEE, while working on my holiday glitter nails last December, and only rediscovered it after having moved to my new apartment and settled in. This rose gold shade is so pretty, you can wear it in so many ways:

  1. on its own in one layer, showing off your bare nails below
  2. on its own in a few layers, creating an opaque glitter nail polish effect
  3. over your base nail colour in one thinly-spread layer
  4. over your base nail colour in several layers for a more dramatic effect
  5. along the tips of your nails for a glitter French nail manicure
  6. as one of the layers in creating your holiday glitter nails (in my blog entry as linked above)

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The Ultimate Guide of Lip Tutorials to Get the Perfect Pout Every Time


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If you’re having trouble with lipstick, you shouldn’t. I know how tricky lip makeup can get, especially since there are so many kinds out there. Lip stick, lip liner, lip tint, lip gloss and so on. Even lip colour and effect can be an encyclopedia series on its own.


But that’s OK. We can always learn a new trick or two. Here are some really cool tutorials I found on Pinterest, which I think you might like.


1. Get nude lips the easy way.

Nude Lips Tutorial

Image credit: The Beauty Department

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How to Remove Eye Makeup Using Cotton Buds During Your Night Beauty Ritual


How to Remove Eye Makeup

Removing your makeup every night can actually be easy. I know a lot of times you may feel like it’s a chore, especially when you’re dead beat and just want to go right into bed. And besides, your eye makeup doesn’t completely get removed anyway, no matter what you do. But keeping your skin clean of gunk is the most important step to maintaining healthy skin and I’m going to show you just how you can clean your eyes the right way.


Here’s a quick tutorial on how I remove my makeup at the end of the day, starting from eye makeup and then moving on to the entire face. I show you up close and personal how to get tricky eye makeup off, especially eyeliner and mascara that doesn’t seem to budge from your lash line even after you’ve put on eye makeup remover. Cotton buds are your best friend.



The eye makeup remover I use (am on my repurchased bottle) is the L’OREAL GENTLE LIP & EYE MAKEUP REMOVER (also available on Watsons here). I like this eye makeup remover because it doesn’t sting the eyes at all, and I can open my eyes wide while using it to remove my eye makeup. It’s gentle on the eyes but tough on the makeup! Furthermore, it doesn’t stay in my eyes after washing with water and my final cleanser, the AVENE EXTREMELY GENTLE CLEANSER LOTION, so I don’t wake up the next day with blurred vision.

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BeautyMaker Giveaway You Won’t Want to Miss: Win a Matte Cushion Foundation in Beige


BeautyMaker Matte Cushion Foundation Giveaway

Win a full-sized BeautyMaker Matte Cushion foundation and more.


Have you had a bad week, or a bad day? Hopefully not but if you did, perhaps today’s blog entry will cheer you up a little. I’m so excited to be giving away a full-sized BeautyMaker Matte Cushion Foundation in shade Beige today and it’s really easy to win it.


Here’s how it goes. Follow the steps in the widget below to gain as many points as possible. The more points you gain, the higher your chances of winning. The giveaway is only open to residents in Singapore and ends at midnight on 4th September (i.e. night of 3rd September). Do read all the rules in the widget below before participating.

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9 Beauty Tips from Taiwanese Celebrity Makeup Artist Kevin 老师


Kevin 老师 at BeautyMaker Event


I recently attended the media coverage of BeautyMaker’s launch of several new products, namely the limited edition packaging of the Matte Cushion Foundation, the new Honey shade of the same foundation range and a totally new product, the Bye Bye Oil.


Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist, Kevin 老师 was present to grace the event, and to show us how these products work. He was such a funny guy, and I enjoyed the presentation thoroughly. It wasn’t just some boring old talk about how great their products are, but there were jokes here and there (his personality shone through very well), as well as a couple of demos which actually got me quite interested. Good looking models always work, regardless of whether they are male or female.


BeautyMAker Matte Cushion Foundation

Congratulations to BeautyMaker on your 10th anniversary!


Throughout the presentation, Kevin老师 gave some beauty tips, which I quickly noted down to the best of my ability. Here’s what he recommended.

  1. When applying skincare and makeup, let each layer sit on the skin for a while before putting on the next layer. This will allow each layer to absorb properly on the skin so that you can get the maximum skincare benefit of each product.
  2. Rub foundation on before patting it to create an even finish.
  3. When applying liquid foundation, use your finger to dab the foundation on under your eye area. This will create a more even finish.
  4. Sun spots and freckles are caused partly by underlying dry skin. Use a lightweight concealor for these.
  5. When applying undereye concealor, start from the bottom of the eye circles or eye bags and work upwards.
  6. For fair skin, avoid red-pigmented products for undereye concealing, as the red will show up and be obvious. Red-pigmented concealors will work only for darker skin tones.
  7. Use a brush, instead of your finger, to conceal acne. Doing this will help to prevent opening up of the wound, which can accidentally happen when you use your finger.
  8. Apply powder products in a downward motion (not upwards). Otherwise, the powder particles will not sit will and will end up looking obvious on the skin.
  9. Use your finger to dab on lip colour for a natural effect.


Here is a quick video I took of him showing us how the new Honey shade of the Matte Cushion Foundation can fit well for guys, and how it can remove facial oil. Check it out below.

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