paris part I

by Roxanne C.

i love blogging. the main reason is that i love writing no matter what. the second reason is that i can do this anytime, anywhere and everywhere i want to, especially in the comforts of my own home. thirdly, i can blog even when i’m sick. i only need to move my fingers while the rest of me stays retarded (figure of speech, alright?) in front of the computer. finally, nobody cares what i look like when i’m blogging. so here’s the entry of paris as promised.

we left lyon on the morning of january the third to travel to paris via the tgv. there was a bit of a glitch in our booking and we boarded the train without our pre-booked tickets. had to buy new ones from the conductor during the journey. and because we didn’t have our original tickets, we didn’t really have our seats and so for the most part, we stayed in the bar.

xav very tired and pissed with the ticket thingy (can’t tell); me very happy with the petit dejeuner i just had.

chloe and charlie were very kind to let us stay in their apartment, which was located SUPER close to the eiffel tower. no, we couldn’t see the tower from the apartment windows, but a few steps away was la seine and everyone knows you can see the tower from there.

the cosy apartment.

taken from the bridge nearby.

the ubiquitous metro sign.

for the first day in paris, we didn’t really know what to do. my main aim to visit paris was to take a picture with the eiffel tower because stupid ol’ me didn’t take one with it when i was there for three months last year. we were walking around aimlessly and a sudden thought came to my mind. you see, if you’ve lived in paris for long enough, you’ll know that on the first sunday of each month, museums in paris offer free entry. so i thought of going to the louvre! i’m so smart! but actually, afterwards when we had a get-together with julien and sophie, sophie told us that museums offer free entry all the time for people aged 24 or 25 and below (can’t remember which because i fall under both categories hahahah!). and so we made our way to the louvre.

some decor above some apartment gates.

a museum of some sort that we didn’t visit as it was closed.

a newspaper stand. you find these everywhere.

in front of the inverted pyramid.

cool twirly stairs under the famous pyramid that everyone knows.

us in front of some sculpture that everyone wanted to take a picture with. i don’t know why it’s so popular, but anything for keepsake.

there were many many many paintings.


the way to la joconde.

can someone tell me why the painting is not called mona lisa?

that night, xav and i walked about the famous champs elysees. after that we got to the eiffel tower and queued to get tickets to go up. we had been there before, but not up the tower. and this time it was night! there are different prices for people of different ages and being younger than 25, we paid a cheaper price for the tickets.

atop the tower (we went onto the 2nd level, which was high enough and going to the 3rd storey would take us another 45 minutes), it was windy and super ultra cold. my gloves didn’t come off my hands for any second at all while my man had his off like, most of the time so he could take pictures. he’s crazy! i had to keep chasing after him to put his gloves back on. his fingers turned blue and mine have never turned blue ever since freddy times.

there’s a restaurant on the tower and if you must eat there, go for lunch because dinner is too expensive! dinner starts from 65 euros per person! lunch costs much much less. how much, i forgot, but it’s worth the price. i would have gone if i had the time.

l’arc de triomphe.

a wonderful picture. =)

this is getting to be a really long post! there’s another day of paris to be written about and i shall do it in another entry. champs elysees and laduree deserve an entry all on their own. i hope this one cheered you up a bit from whatever that’s dampening your moods – sucky weather, bad day at work, a funeral, being sick… etc. i’ll blog soon!