shoes and when girls smile at other girls

by Roxanne C.

i know i have irregular blogging habits. but whatever. it’s not like i have a really consistent life pattern.

you must take note, i have no computer nor working laptop of my own and it would be very kind if someone gave me one for my birthday (but actually if you really wannna give me something, well, a million dollars would go much further kthxbye). omg. i’m turning 24!!! i’m so excited!!!! *jumps around with glee* ooh ooh ooh! my mummy bought me a bolster! yay! now i have a new small bolster and don’t have to use the mega huge one that she had lent me anymore.

by the way, i did some major shopping yesterday online. really, livejournal sprees do eat your money! here’s what i ordered and paid for, pictures courtesy of earlvanilla:

in grey.

in brown.

i’m so excited for the shoes to arrive and the seller has confirmed that they will arrive before the chinese new year! yay! the spree closes today so hurry and place your order now! all heels are at SG$25 and all flats at SG$19.90. shoes are all from korea.

moving away from the topic of shoes, i’ve been VERY busy in the last two days or so. i’ve written two writing samples, one on the shoe trends of spring/summer 2010 (hint: platforms and peeptoes are in, among others) and the other on what you’ll need for a long-distance relationship. i don’t know why exactly i wrote them (i.e. i don’t know what the outcome will be), but well, you gotta try everything and you’re only young once. yes, i’m trying my hands at freelance writing in lifestyle and fashion so if you’ve got any potential job offers please let me know!

i also applied for the masters course and met up with a lady from campusfrance to discuss any opportunities for a scholarship. unfortunately, there has been none and i’m just waiting to see what will happen next. i’m really going all out to get this and if it doesn’t happen, well, i can say i really did try and it didn’t work out. at least then, i can put my mind at ease and do something else that has a chance of reaping results.

if i don’t get this, man, that’s like a freaking waste of 5 of my super nice ic photos!!! argh. i only have 3 left!!!! *sobs*

anywayyyyy. i must say i’m quite relieved with the way things have turned out so far. i’m actually going towards where i wanna be and i suppose that’s a good thing. i mean, how many people can actually say that they have got to where they are today as a result of doing what they had really wanted to do? sometimes it gets really tough, but the best advice i can give to anyone is not to give up and keep pressing on. i guess that’s only good if you really know what you want. if you don’t, and maybe i don’t, just try everything and see where it takes you.

my next topic is, and it’s a very random one that has no connection whatsoever to my previous paragraphs, unless you count the girl at campusfrance, how do you tell what a girl really means when she smiles at you? especially when you yourself are a girl. oh for the love of all things chocolate, i cannot tell and honestly, i’d given up trying to tell eons ago. if you’re a guy and a girl smiles at you, it’s really simple. it could only be one of two things: that she likes you, or she finds you disgusting and is just being polite. if you’re a girl, however, things get so complicated sometimes i wish that these smiling girls would just turn into guys, which would also make things much easier to decode (i.e. he likes you).

but when a girl smiles at another girl who doesn’t belong to her circle of friends, it’s like a whole university degree program on the anatomy of the female facial form waiting to be mastered. it could be one or more than one of the following:

sheldon) she sincerely finds you pleasant and not a threat

penny) she thinks you’re prettier than her and doesn’t want to show that she’s jealous

barney) she wants to seem like she’s rising above the situation in which you seem to be the victor

marshall) she loves it that you’re having things really hard or that you’re in deep shit

lily) she doesn’t really like you and you’re in a situation in which only she can help you

stewie) a combination of marshall and lily

mcdreamy) your dress sense is ridiculously hilarious and it just made her look like megan fox

mcsteamy) you just made a fool out of yourself

christina) she relates to your joke or anecdote

bailey) there’s a really hot guy looking in the direction of you two and she wants to seem nice

sawyer) she’s sad

jack shepard) she’s happy or hopeful

dexter) she wants you to know that she shares your joy and/or triumphs

chuck) she just had her teeth whitened and braces removed for good

and i shall leave it at that because the list is actually quite inexhaustible.

by the way, does anyone watch or know about ghostly encounters?