my tumblr is revived y’all

by Roxanne C.

if you could have a house and design it anyway you want to and have it anywhere you could, what would it look like and where would it be? would it be an open concept penthouse in a bustling city? a studio apartment? a chateau in a gorgeous countryside? a nautical-themed beach house? a cottage?

if i could, i’d have all of the above, actually. it’s so hard to pick! i mean, won’t you get tired of living in the same place for long? pictures of interior design always outdo one another and i can never find the perfect kitchen or the perfect bedroom. they all look so pretty!

cosy little kitchen that i could have. make some afternoon tea, coffee and snacks and have friends come over to chill. like a mini diner-eatery.

like yummylicious strawberry tarts.

or i could have one of those huge-ass kitchens. make big meals and have many people over for dinner. dinner would be fun to make!

bathroom anyone?

cute little reading-chill out room.

a big bedroom would be cool too but if it only has empty space, then i’d prefer a small one so it doesn’t look that unused.

pictures taken from the book of secrets and bella seven.

actually is a triple bed larger or smaller than a king bed? hmm… and what’s the difference between a duvet and a comforter? fancy names… oh well. more pictures can be found on my tumblr page, which i’ve just revived today. yeah, am back from the tumblr dry spell. =) here’s hoping you guys have a great day today!