geo contact lenses

by Roxanne C.

has anyone heard of asianfashioncity? i came across it the other day online and realised they sell geo contact lenses! alexis told me geo is a good brand, apart from some others like… erm… dueba and eos. i wanted to get solotica but they are only manufactured in brazil so shipping is a bitch. i am so tempted to buy because they only charge $5 shipping for the first pair and if you order more than 1 pair, shipping is free! however, i don’t know if this applies only to australia or to the whole world. i sent them an email to ask but no one replied me. i doubt they are THAT busy to not be able to reply emails so i won’t order anything unless i know for sure. i hate having my credit card charged for things that i didn’t know had to be charged for!

geo nudy grey.

geo tricolour grey.

i don’t get it. why do girls like circle lenses? for those of you who are clueless, circle lenses are contact lenses whereby the coloured part has a wide diameter so that when you wear it, your pupils look larger than they actually are. which is weird isn’t it? the geo nudy grey is a circle lens and man, the model looks like an alien! beady, glassy eyes, ready to eat you with. *shudder* why doesn’t someone invent contacts that will make your whole eyeballs coloured so that you’ll look like you have no whites! huh, wouldn’t that be nice? i mean, since so many girls want to have big pupils. like ju-on lor! omg.

in the end, this morning i caved in and went to get a pair of freshkon colour fushion in misty grey. i’ve worn this one before and i liked it, and i miss having grey eyes so i just went to get a pair of monthlies.

freshkon colour fushion.

hmm, i know this probably isn’t the best brand around, but it seems like one of the only few ones that carry non-degree coloured lenses in singapore. i wanted freshlook ones, but the store didn’t have them in stock. and i wanted to wear them for my meeting today! got photoshoot! hahahahaha. ok, now everyone knows i am vain. but can’t be helped! it’s going to be for my profile when my articles for sgclub get published! =)

hmm. i am also thinking of getting a netbook. i don’t know… but well… could be a good option if i want to do stuff while i’m overseas and i don’t need to lug around such excess weight! at the moment it seems like the asus eee pc 1005ha is the best one out there. i mean, 10.5 hours of battery life itself is greatness!

ok, tired. shall go nap.