this bee will need more coffee

by Roxanne C.

oh my god! i’m going to be so busy these two weeks! i’ve decided to apply for a scholarship at ens lyon, a good university in france, for my masters program. if i get the scholarship, i’m automatically and immediately considered as an international student of that course in that school. if not, i can also apply for an application file, that will allow me to still have another chance at being accepted as a student there.

the thing is, the application deadline (no, it is NOT “dateline.” there is a difference) is the 16th of feb, and i will need at least a couple of days for my application file to be sent to them via air mail. which means i haven’t got much time to collect my references from the professors at ntu (only 1 week.)

second thing is, the course is taught mostly in french. which means either i take intensive courses in french for a couple of months before that, or i’m freaking screwed. but anyway even if i don’t end up in ens i can always try for ujf. at least their courses are in english so i can understand better.

i don’t like this time difference thing. when i go to work in the day, people halfway around the world (and 180 degrees around too) are not with me. so i can only correspond with them at night, when i get home, am tired and just want to sleep.

on top of having to settle my application, i also have at least two articles to write and the deadlines are drawing even closer! omg. i’m so busy! and tomorrow evening i’ve got a dinner with some girl friends! =) and my parents are thinking of repainting my bedroom but my sister and i haven’t chosen a colour. i’m not even sure i want it repainted because it’s alot of work! my dad volunteered to paint it but then, we’d still have to you know, repack the room and all that. just thinking of it makes me tired! but a new room colour would be great!

on a totally different topic, i went down to lee hwa at vivo yesterday during lunch to check out their destinee diamond pendants. they are so so so pretty! i really want one! shall check out the branch at amk hub today. i’m going to need a second opinion on which design to get when i go diamond shopping.

also, this morning, my mum came into my room when i was applying my creams and all. she gave me girly advice on moisturising my neck and the area just below the neck. if i don’t, i’d have all these wrinkles. she wanted to show me hers (i tried to see her so-called wrinkles) and after some time, she couldn’t find any on herself and while scrutinising herself in the mirror, she said “aiyah, now can’t see.” and i promptly replied, “aiyah, you don’t have what!” oh she is so funny. lol!!

p.s. i refuse to talk about the ipad because everybody else is.