The Body Shop’s Nutmeg & Vanilla Body Scrub

by Roxanne C.

I’m a sucker for body scrubs from The Body Shop. When they held the warehouse sale last week, a friend of mine dropped by and got me one of their new limited edition scrubs – Nutmeg and Vanilla. I’d actually wanted either Brazil Nut (discontinued in Singapore but not elsewhere, how annoying) or Cocoa Butter but they were sold out and so my friend took it upon herself to get me the Nutmeg and Vanilla one.

I like the smell of it so far. It’s similar to the Brazil Nut and Cocoa Butter ones. I also like the packaging! There’s kind of a floral mural on the cover that’s pretty. I’m going to use it once my current Cocoa Butter one finishes!

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Trish May 8, 2012 - 6:39 pm

I always wanted Cocoa butter scrub. It's like you awe chocolates that you are putting on your body. It gives my skin moisture, supple and manageable skin. It is deeply penetrate on skin, It has a unique blended of Shea Butter and vanilla.

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