Look What I Bought – Topshop Skirt

by Roxanne C.

Went to town today and popped by Topshop while waiting for my brother to come meet me. Finally found the skirt I’ve been meaning to buy – their Petite Plait Bodycon Mini Skirt. Yay! It’s a one-size-fits-all so every piece would fit anyone. Saw another top that I liked but didn’t get it because I was feeling so guilty for buying so much. Almost bought a Lancome mascara as well but it cost $49. A little too steep for just a mascara that runs out in months! I can get the same tube in DFS when I’m there. Meanwhile I’ll just stick to what I have left. Oh, and I got a pair of sweet earrings at Helen at Wisma too. I’m such a sucker for crystals.

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