Skinfood’s Peach Sake Sun Lotion SPF 32++

by Roxanne C.

I’d wanted to get a moisturiser with SPF the other day from Clinique but they didn’t have anything like that. Currently in stores are the Superdefence and Age Decelerating ranges. I was looking out for their New Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20 but they didn’t seem to have it here. Yet. Why are we so slow in catching up with new product launches!

I looked up Mario Badescu’s moisturisers for sensitive skin. The brand has a few, such as their Aloe and Collagen Moisturisers, but I found out that they also contain Cetyl Alcohol in the ingredient lists. I’m allergic to alcohol, so sadly I can’t use them and I don’t even want to try.

So my search for a moisturiser with SPF continued. Till today. I dropped by Skinfood at AMK Hub to get my facial cleanser (I’m currently using the Tea Tree Oil one). At the same time, I asked the SA about their eye creams and moisturisers with SPF. Skinfood doesn’t have moisturisers with SPF but they do have sunscreen. In the end, I bought the Peach Sake Sun Lotion SPF 32++.


It smells heavenly! The SA told me that it’s suitable for sensitive skin, even for skin sensitive to alcohol. The texture is also very light, much lighter than their Quince Whitening Sun Lotion SPF34 PA++. I’ll be using this from tomorrow onwards! I really like Skinfood. The SA gave me so many free samples, including some aftershave for men (my brother was with me) and their really expensive Salmon Brightening Eye Cream that costs $70! OMG. I’ll try that out tonight and the next few nights and see if it works!

I’m getting older. I really want to maintain my skin’s youth for as long as I can and age gracefully. For you girls out there, you should do the same. At this age (mid – 20s), soon one day you’ll hit that certain age where your skin suddenly starts aging twice as fast and you’ll never know what happened. Like a switch turned on. It just goes wham bam and then you’ll see those wrinkles and spots that were never there before. If you haven’t started on a skincare routine, babe, it’s high time to do so.

Before, I wouldn’t have been able to tell what was going on with my skin due to all the pimples that I used to have. Now, I can tell when I have a new sun spot. I take it as a blessing.

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