Mini Announcement: Tip of the Day Entries

by Roxanne C.

Hi babes! Here’s just a little announcement regarding my Tip of the Day entries! I’ll be posting them up less often because I’ve realised that posting one entry a day is taking up too much of my time! Therefore, from May onwards, I’ll be posting up just one entry per week. The entries will be up every Wednesday at the same time (0900) every week. I choose Wednesday because it’s my favourite weekday.

Another reason for this change is due to the fact that I will be very busy in the coming months. I will need to settle my visa to France (I’m going to study my masters there for a year!) as well as get tickets to travel to Canada to visit my boyfriend (we’re in a long-distance). Then I will most likely travel there (if nothing goes wrong) and stay for about a month or so before coming back for a few weeks before flying off to France again. So yes, the jet setter in me! Once I’m in France, I’ll be busy with my studies and trotting around, exploring the new place after I’ve sorted out admin stuff and finding an apartment to stay at. I’m also planning to maybe start a business while I’m there.

But I will blog! FOTD and Tip of the Day entries will be up as per usual. News snippets and all as well. Promotional events and e-invite mailers… they will all be up here whenever I receive them, so no worries! =)

So remember, every Wednesday at 9.00am (Singapore time)! <3

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