Skin Food Haul and Goodies

by Roxanne C.

I’ve been using Skin Food products for some time now. I went to the store again this week to get my facial cleanser, their Tea Tree Washable Cleansing Gel (Oil Free). It was the branch at Suntec City and they were having a promotion whereby customers who spent more than a certain amount (I forgot what it was; I wasn’t listening to the sales girl. I was focusing on the freebies lol!) received some goodies!

Skin Food Tea Tree Washable Cleansing Gel (Oil Free)

In the little pouch on the left are two gift sets:

1) Black Raspberry Cosmetic Set consisting of a toner and emulsion

2) Gold Caviar Gift Set consisting of a toner and emulsion

In the box is a pile of cotton pads. How thoughtful! I’ve tried the ampoule from their Black Raspberry range and I must say it delivers. I’ve stopped using it somehow, probably because I got bored of it. I’ve never tried the Gold Caviar range and I’m excited to try it out. I mean, come on, it’s caviar! Not everyone gets to put caviar on their faces right? Plus this one is GOLD. I know, right?

My impression of the sales girls in Skin Food stores in general is that they don’t really have a strong foundation in product knowledge. Many times I’ve asked about ingredients in certain products (whether it was suitable for sensitive skin, whether it contained alcohol) and I was given the wrong information. I guess I was partly to blame for not looking at the ingredient list myself, but if it’s stated on the list that there is alcohol, I certainly expect the sales girls to tell me that there is alcohol and not that there is none. In this sense, I think Skin Food loses quite a bit of its credibility. The products are awesome – a lot of them – but because the sales girls don’t know what each and everyone of the products are for exactly, they will lose a trusty following in time to come.

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noppi May 6, 2010 - 12:29 am

the people at skinfood is always nice they'll give u little sample even if u only get one item. 😀

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