The Sloane Clinic is Seeking a Volunteer for Restylane Filler Treatment

by Roxanne C.

OK. I have to let you all know this one.

The Sloane Clinic in Singapore is having its first Mandarin forum this coming Saturday. Yes, on the 15th of May 2010. In this forum, they will be performing a live demo on a Restylane Filler Treatment and they are looking for a volunteer. This treatment enhances your facial features such as your nose, chin, nasolabial lines and cheeks. You don’t have to be a current client at their clinic to volunteer for this live demo. Some details of the forum are as follows:

Title: Secrets of Plastic Surgery & Lunchtime Aesthetic Makeovers

Date: Sat 15 May

Time: 3 to 5pm

Venue: Novena Medical Center #08-23

Tea will be served and goodie bags worth $50 will be given out to those attending this live demo. If you’d like to volunteer, you’d have to email, preferably with your pictures. If you’d just like to attend to watch the demo, join their Facebook group and print out this mailer and bring it to the event to have your registration fee waived.

I admit, I was tempted. But then I am leaving the country and I have no time to update my passport photos. I’ve also already spent $45 on photos in the past week so taking a new batch will be such a waste of money. Furthermore, the fillers for my nose will only last about a year to a year and a half so while I’m studying in France, everyone around me will see my nose getting smaller and smaller. That would be so weird. And the boyfriend has also said no injections. Ha ha. But if any of you are thinking of giving this a shot, I say why not. It’s temporary so you can get your old nose back if you don’t like the new one and anyway they’d still have the ultimate say on which volunteer they’d like to have, since I think a lot of people will be sending them their pictures.

Just thought I’d share this. Do let me know if any of you go for this event and/or volunteer!

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