Unexpected Finds: Lise Watier and Gosh Cosmetics

by Roxanne C.

I went on a makeup shopping spree on Monday with a friend. However, since I was on a tight budget, I bought only stuff that cannot be found in Singapore. I just love discovering new things like that. It was at Shoppers Drug Mart that I brought home with me a Lise Watier Eye Glitter Liner and a Light’N Shine Lip Glaze from Gosh Cosmetics. But first, I’d like to show you all the paper bag that I got at Shoppers:

So pretty

Isn’t the bag pretty? I love that it’s made of paper so it can be recycled, it’s small and nice enough to fit my buys and they actually have nice designs on the sides in blues! Pretty, pretty. I like it alot! And next, this was what I did to my hand at the store:

I do that all the time. Do you girls do the same? Ok now on to my buys!

Gosh Cosmetics’ Light’N Shine Lip Glaze in Shade 01 White

In the tube

This gloss is awesome. My friend and I were at the store and we were discussing which colour to get (“I can’t decide which colour I want!”) and this girl came up and told us her favourite shade and then she said, “Hey, actually I might have it in my bag. Here, let me check.” And she proceeded to rumage in her bag, pick out the lip gloss and put it on her own lips to show us the colour! We then checked it out right there and then and we gave her compliments because it looked really great on her! I love Canada, seriously! I found out the name of her favourite shade: 03 Soft Rosa (really sweet baby pink).

Oh yes, back to why this gloss is so cool. It’s got lights on the brush applicator and a mirror on the side of the tube. Check it out!

Peel the plastic protective covering off and you’ll get a mirror

The tiny lights on the applicator

Cool stuff eh? You can now officially apply your lip gloss in the dark, after kissing your boyfriend in the movies! LOL. Plus, the gloss is really pretty. It’s got lots of tiny glitter in it, most of it being purple with a little of green, gold and white.


I’m glad I managed to find this gloss. I’ll probably stave off getting a M.A.C. Lip Glaze for a while now. I’m happy with this gloss!

Lise Watier’s Eye Glitter Liner in Midnight Star

The packaging

In the tiny bottle

I had a really hard time picking this colour out of three. The other two shades I was considering were Peacock (turquoise) and Opale (white). It was such a tough fight and as each bottle cost CAD$18 without tax, I couldn’t get all three. It took me the entire shopping trip at that store to finally decide on this one. I figured I had a white eyeshadow that could replace Opale and Peacock wasn’t as versatile as Midnight Star. The liquid liners were basically just colourless with coloured glitter. Lots of glitter.


See what I mean? This liner has got glitter in all colours of the rainbow! It’s so pretty! It would go well just on its own too, when I’m lazy but still want some glam. I can also use this as an eyeshadow. The other good thing about it is that it’s water-based so it comes off easily with water.

So yes, I love my buys! I hope I’ll get the chance to use them soon!

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