A Huge Wound

by Roxanne C.

I got myself kind of disfigured last Thursday when I went to a pool party at the boyfriend’s boss’ house. There were two huskies which were really cute and hyper. But then a couple brought their tiny dog along and all hell broke loose. The huskies turned crazy and started towards that tiny dog (poor thing) but they were tied to a rope so they couldn’t go too far. But alas, they were so strong that the rope actually came towards me and made me trip and fall! I believe this was the wound caused by that rope (brace yourselves, this one is big):

It still hurts

I should go see a doctor tomorrow. I wonder how long it will take to heal and what creams I’d need! What a bummer to have been at a pool party looking crappy. =( Maybe I won’t get myself a husky anymore. Maybe I’ll just get a cat.

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