Back from the Hiatus!

by Roxanne C.

Hi everyone! I still don’t have internet at my apartment (sucks to that) so I’ve decided to blog using Word and then copy and paste everything I’ve written into Onsugar when I get to the park with free wifi. At this rate, I might as well move into the park. Anyway, I’ll continue blogging again from now on because I don’t see me having internet anytime soon (read: within the next 30 days) and I don’t want to wait that long. I miss writing about makeup and skin care!

Before I’d left for France, I was actually selected to be one of Cleo Singapore’s top ten beauty bloggers for their Beauty Blogger Contest. However, after the first meeting, we realised that I wouldn’t be able to be present in person for the subsequent meetings and so I had to give up my place to someone else. That was such a bummer. I was really looking forward to the contest and blogging about all the awesome stuff we’d be getting!

The following entry would have been my first blog entry for the contest and since I won’t be participating anymore, I might as well put it up on my own blog. It’s for my readers after all. Hope you enjoy reading this one and I look forward to writing more awesome blog entries in future!

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P.S. To all the bloggers taking part in the contest, good luck!