Les Première Dix by Vintage Isabelle

by Roxanne C.

Vintage d’Isabelle has launched their first collection of vintage accessories sourced all the way from Europe! The first collection features 10 trinkets – a necklace, a bangle, several brooches and earrings.

Everything is vintage and one-of-a-kind so each one is unique in its own way!

More importantly, Vintage d’Isabelle belongs to ME! LOL. It’s not my first venture into selling accessories online. I’ve done this before but had to stop due to overloading of work from school. Now that I have some free time and access to such beautiful treasures, I hope to be able to bring them to you lovelies in Singapore who are always on the search for pretty knick-knacks.

So please support me and I’ll come up with a second collection pretty soon!

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