Review: Koji Spring Heart’s Eyelash Fix

by Roxanne C.

This was the first eyelash glue I’ve ever got and I’d bought it for my first pair of falsies from Shu Uemura. I’ve not found the need to switch to another brand of eyelash glue and here’s my review.

The teeny weeny tube

More about the product:

The glue is made from natural latex and manufactured in Japan. I love japanese (and korean) products! To use it, apply it sparingly on the part of the lash that sticks to your lid, wait for a few seconds for it to semi-dry and then stick the lash on.

What I like about the product:

1) The price. It’s really cheap.

2) You can find this easily at any pharmacy like Guardian or Watsons. I think you might be able to find it in Sasa too, but I’m not sure.

3) Its size. The tube is really tiny so you can bring it anywhere. Its length without the cap is less than half the length of my first finger.

4) I haven’t had any reaction to it.

5) You only need a tiny bit of the product for each lash application. And thus, each tube lasts for a pretty long time.

6) The glue is easily removed with water. What I do is i wet my eyes and after a short while, the glue dissolves and the lashes fall out by themselves.

7) The best part is that the glue turns from white to colourless once it dries up on your skin so you can’t see that it’s there at all.

Neutral feelings about this product’s:

1) Packaging. It’s pink – my favourite colour – but it can be cuter!

What I dislike about the product:

1) When some of the glue gets onto my eyelash, it doesn’t turn colourless but stays white! I have to remove those white parts and if I already have makeup on (eg. eyeliner) beneath that, it also gets removed together with the white glue so I have to reapply it.

Other thoughts:

I can’t remember how much I got the glue for but it’s definitely worth it, especially if you compare the price with glues from M.A.C. or Shu Uemura. I don’t know if I’ll ever switch brands of my eyelash glue because this one works well for me at the moment.

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