My 3 Makeup Must-Haves

by Roxanne C.

Everyone has their own list of makeup must-haves. And of course, I have my own list too. However, I don’t like putting on too much makeup at any one time.

To come up with my top 3, here’s what I normally do: I think of the 3 items I will keep by my side should I get shipwrecked and stranded on an isolated island. I know, it sounds pretty lame, but the mental picture of being on an island far from anyone else works!

1) Lip balm. I am the kind of girl who’s got dry and chapped lips all the time so I definitely need lip balm no matter what. I used Nivea’s products before and now I’m using Labello’s. In case you aren’t aware, Labello and Nivea lip balms are the same (same products, exactly same packaging), just that they are named differently in Europe (Labello) and I guess pretty much the rest of the world (Nivea).

2) Foundation. In particular, my Shu Uemura compact foundation. It keeps oil at bay and covers up some spots. I have oily skin, so foundation is a must.

3) I don’t use eye makeup alone. When I have to add colour to my eyes, I always apply eyeshadow and then eyeliner and mascara on top of that. I don’t ever use any of these items alone. Thus, my third must-have is not something to draw my eyes with. It is, instead, blush! Since I have foundation on, I might as well make my cheeks pop or risk looking drained and pale.

There you have it, my top three makeup must-haves: lip balm, foundation and blush. If I couldn’t use anything else on my face, I will survive on just these three alone. What is your list like?

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EyelynerFreak November 16, 2010 - 11:08 am

Oh ho! Mine would have to be concealer, 2-way cake and eyeliner 🙂

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