Haul: H&M Nail Polish and Blush

by Roxanne C.

I was feeling pretty down and stressed the past week. Bad, gloomy, rainy weather every single day plus knowing nothing (i.e. studying for it but understanding nothing) about an exam I’m going to have to sit for next week. This day the weather was finally sunny and the skies were completely cloudless! It was 8 degrees but I only had a thin coat because my joy was giving me warmth.

Plus, I had perfectly nice makeup and hair (one of those rare days) and the security guard at H&M actually opened the door for me to go out and asked me about my boots.

And on this perfect day, when I worried nothing about pimples, frizzy hair and flabs, I bought myself some pretty things from the H&M boutique just in my neighbourhood.

Nail Polish in Envy Me and Blusher in 15 Bronze

I happened to chance upon these items at the makeup counter at H&M and decided I had to get them. I had no bronzer to sculpt the hollows of my cheeks with so the blush would be perfect. They actually had a bronzer but it was all nicely wrapped up and I was afraid that if I opened it, the guards would come after me. Anyway, the blush was made in Germany so I think there is a lower chance of having toxic chemicals in it (QC-wise).

I’ll do a swatch of the nail polish when I can!

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heavenlygorgeous November 22, 2010 - 4:47 pm

The Blusher in Bronze looks pretty! I like the color. And do a swatch of the Blusher too if you can, ok! 🙂

lacedivory November 22, 2010 - 6:22 pm

heavenlygorgeous: i'll try to! =)

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