First Impressions Count. They Always Do.

by Roxanne C.

When I started this blog, it was simply the first step towards my passion in beauty. Of makeup, glamour, vainity and charm. I’d wanted something more… extraordinary out of my very ordinary life.

While one half of my parents insisted I should always look good, the other insisted I didn’t have to, and that people would see just how deserving I was if I truly had it in me. I however, have chosen to merge the two and concoct my own cocktail of advice: That we should be a mixture of both.

That we should be both deserving and good-looking is what I believe in. Most people, though, misconstrue the idea of looking good. They think that it’s the high nose bridge and small nostrils; the large double eyelid-ed eyes with ample lashes; the perfect complexion; the perfect bosom, hair, skin and nails; the prettiest, most outstanding makeup. But that’s false.

Looking good doesn’t mean we all try to look like the Koreans who have undergone plastic surgery (I don’t mean all Koreans). Looking good doesn’t mean we have to change our looks drastically or go under the knife because we can look better with such alterations. I believe looking good comes from feeling good about yourself, which in turn leads you to feel good about yourself because you look good. It’s like a vicious cycle that is not at all vicious. Now I’m just talking in circles.

We don’t all need to have that perfect nose or perfectly cut eyelids. But we do, however, need to maintain our appearance as a whole. What has to be emphasised, has to be emphasised; what must be kept low-key, must be kept low-key. Hair tidied, nails clean, simple & appropriate makeup for the right occasions and proper dress sense. Looking good means being presentable where ever you are. If you are at an important business meeting, you should be dressed for that. When you are at a party, you should be dressed for that too.

I guess the mantra is to dress up (and makeup) in a way you would not be embarrassed to be seen by someone you have a major crush on. Also, no one wants to look a little too casual only to bump into the ex with his new girl in tow, right?

It doesn’t mean that your fashion and makeup style has to always be the same just because it’s on the same person. Variety is key to an interesting personality. It’s always better to have your own style or look rather than resemble one of those cookie-cutter individuals (which happens to be paradoxical since cookie-cutter individuals don’t exactly seem individual). It’s also more fun when you change the way you look every now and then. Makes everything seem less periodical and monotonous, don’t you think?

So, just as pretty things evolve to become something better, this blog has taken a change in course over time along with my philosophy towards appearances. We should look good, appropriate and presentable no matter what but we don’t have to be the prettiest girl at the ball. We just have to be the “prettiest me” and believe me, that will do.

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Layla88 January 6, 2011 - 5:18 pm

Great post, couldn't agree more! 🙂 <3

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