Hiatus With an Explanation

by Roxanne C.

I feel so terrible for having so many mini sessions of hiatuses in the past few months. You see, I am currently studying for my Masters degree in Chemistry and I’ve been having non-stop exams every other week, or every week, ever since November 2010. This is a phase in my life that is very important to me and right now, to graduate with a Masters degree is what I really need.

It should all end really soon, in a couple more weeks, where the course part is over and the research part begins. By the end of February this year, I will be done with exams for good (fingers crossed) and that will be when I can better continue with Laced Ivory and have more yummylicious stuff in here. All this studying is also making me quite unhealthy since it leaves me with almost no time for exercise nor sports. I am also thinking of changing the layout of the blog because it’s been a little over a year since I’ve had this design!

In the meantime, please do continue to support the blog! You could leave comments about what you’d like to see more on Laced Ivory, whether it’s FOTD entries or product reviews. I will still have a giveaway for reaching 50 followers and it might very well be in my next entry, so look out for it.

I will see you soon! =D

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