What’s New on Laced Ivory

by Roxanne C.

Hi everyone! I suppose this is my first time writing a personal note to all my readers about the website. As you can see, there have been some drastic changes to the layout and I’m pretty excited and happy that it’s looking good! To summarise:

1) I’ve changed the header and cleaned it up a bit. It now features a classy black and white theme. Two new tabs, “About” and “Brands,” have been added while two other tabs, “T&C” and “Shop,” have been removed from the previous layout.

2) I’ve widened the entire body page a little and moved the sidebar on the left to the right. A new widget: A Formspring questionnaire that you can fill and ask me anything you’d like!

3) I’ve become an affiliate to some cosmetic and skin care brands so click away on the banners on the right! It’s my start towards seeing how I can begin on my own cosmetic line business (it won’t be for a few years or even a decade, I forsee).

4) Entries are more spaced out so they are more comfortably read. I’ve also incorporated a page break for really long entries. Been wanting to do that for quite some time but I never got down to it.

5) Last but not least, I’ve decided to remove the watermarks on my pictures for future posts. I hope no one steals my pictures though.

I’m really excited about the changes I’ve made to Laced Ivory and I hope for more good things to come! That said, do you believe in Fengshui for websites? Just a thought. Also, do you prefer this layout to the old one?

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