Making My Own Lip Colour: Lipstick + Lip Balm + SPF

by Roxanne C.

My latest lipstick is from Revlon’s Matte collection and it’s the shade Pink Pout 002. However, this lipstick doesn’t have SPF nor any moisturising benefits so everyday, I apply this on top of my Labello lip balm and then I add my Sephora lip balm on top. The Labello lip balm serves as a protection against the drying Revlon lipstick while the Sephora one acts as my sunscreen and shine.

This evening, I decided I’d like to make a combination of all three so that I only need to apply my lip balm-colour just once and get all the three benefits: moisture, colour and sunscreen. It was fun and easy to do and lasted me only about 15 minutes max. Here’s what I did!

Lipsticks and Balm

M.A.C.’s lipstick (which I ended up not using), Sephora’s lip balm and Revlon’s lip stick



I used a knife, spoon, a contact lens case and a stove (to melt the lipstick and gloss). First, I cut off some lip colour from my Revlon lipstick and put it on the spoon. Then I turned the stove on and heated the spoon directly to melt the chunk. My stove’s electric, so no flames nor gas. After the lipstick had melted completely, I added some of my Sephora lip balm on top and mixed the two on the same spoon while heating on the stove. After that, I just took the spoon off the stove and waited for the mixture to cool.

Before the mixture had cooled entirely, and while it was still gooey, I transferred it into one of the two compartments of the contact lens case. Finally, I let it cool down completely. Once it hardens, it’s done!


Just before melting


Halfway through melting

My Own Lip Colour

The final product

This is pretty awesome because now I can make my own lip colours in the exact shade that I want them to be! I’m getting pretty annoyed that I can’t seem to find the shade that I want. The pinks are always either too pink or too sheer. And this is really cool because I can also add more properties to my own lip colours like SPF. I can also decide whether I want them to be glossy or not. With the one I just made, I’ve combined lip balm + lip stick + SPF in one pot so I don’t need to apply three items on my lips in the morning!

You can be sure this isn’t going to be the last time I make my own lip colour!

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