Guest Post: Summer Hair Tips

by Roxanne C.

Today, we have our first ever guest post on the blog! Aleya maintains the blog for the Hair Design Institute in Manhattan, New York and she’s here to let us in on some tips for summer hair trends in the coming months.

The Latest Hairstyles for Summer 2011

This summer you can get creative with your hair and treat it like an accessory. Want to know how? Here are the latest summer hairstyles that you should try out.

Braided Hair


Braids are leading the hair trend this summer and they can be worn in countless ways. Braid your hair into a bun, braid part of your hair, go classic and make a crown out of your braids. You can do a different braid style everyday of the summer if you like.



The oversized bun should be placed high on your head. If you are feeling a little wild rather than sophisticated, you can make it look a little messy (think of a small haystack).

Straight Hair


Sleek hair is another style that is a favourite of many this summer. Only this time, after you’ve blown out your hair and used a flat iron to get it as straight as possible, you should be sure to include a very apparent part. The part can be in the middle or on one of the sides and it should stand out.

Wavy Bob


Love the bob but don’t want to straighten your hair everyday? You’re in luck because the wavy bob is in so you can let your natural waves loose and if you want to style it, a light touch of the curling iron will do the trick.

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rachelsjulia June 23, 2013 - 2:32 am

Good to know these tips. I love to care my hair and these tips are really useful.
And also i used vitamins for hair like Reloxe which helped to grow my hair.

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