Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside

by Roxanne C.

Lady Gaga is my muse. She’s my inspiration in life. It doesn’t matter if some people think she’s satanic or has evil lurking about her, or if that she’s some sort of crazy. Many people in life never fail to criticise and only criticise when they see something they’re not used to and are yet unable to accept as reality. If everyone worried about getting everyone else to like them, nothing would ever be achieved in this world.

The reason I am able to feel connected with Lady Gaga is that we were somehow misfits during our growing up years (her entire interview with MTV is below). Everything that happens to her, I feel a connection to that. I feel like I can understand these things she’s been through, from her relationship with her father to the way she tries hard to find out the person she is and where she wants to be in life.

Except that while for her, this guy suggested song writing; for me, it was professors asking me to do PhDs. The problem is that I don’t think that’s something I would like to do. So maybe I’m not quite there yet, I’m still finding my way. But if you’ve got some time and haven’t watched her bare her heart out on TV, here’s a good time to do so. On a sidenote, I bawled my eyes out while watching the videos.

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