Put a Bagel IN Your Forehead in the Name of Beauty

by Roxanne C.

I know I said I’ll be writing normal news ever since the entry about botox for an 8-year-old girl. But when something like this comes along, I just have to share. Apparently there is a current trend in Japan where people inject saline into their forehead to get bulges that look like bagels.


Bagels in your forehead, anyone?


Because the pictures are mostly graphic (needles filled with saline solution stuck onto the foreheads of people), I’ll put them after the break.


It's freaky, no?


It reminds me of the Luohan fish.


Some more examples.


Let's all do it together!


This is just another day at Laced Ivory where we find beauty from all angles and all destinations on our globe. What do you make of it? Do you see this as a form of art, beauty or unnecessary physical distortion?


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