Haul: YSL’s Rouge Volupté

by Roxanne C.

I’ve been wanting to get this lipstick for a few months and in the end went and bought it with my Marionnaud voucher. Actually there was a mix-up at the store because the salesgirl gave me an RV stick of another shade altogether! I had noticed that the shade name written on the box was different from what I’d remembered but because I’m in France, I wasn’t sure if the shade names were different. Luckily I had my boyfriend in tow. He immediately spotted the 10 cents difference in price I had to pay and decided that we open it to check it was the one that I’d wanted. Boy I’m glad he did, because I was given a Rouge Volupté Perle in Stellar Pink! Oh my gosh!


After we’d told the salesgirl about the mix-up, she tried to find the one that I wanted but I ended up having to point out the box from the drawer to her. She saw it and said she didn’t think it was the right one, because the shade name was “beige” and I was all like, “Oui! Oui! C’est ça!” Anyway, we finally matched the stick in the box with the one on display and made sure that they were of the same shade and I got what I was looking for.


My First YSL Beauty Product: Rouge Volupté in 01 Nude Beige.


It looks so sexy and glamourous doesn’t it? This is so Dita von Teese. My, it reminds me just of the glamour girls of old times. I feel ugly beside it, even though I know I am human and this is just a stick with colours. In the picture above, it seems to be saying, “I’m so sizzling hot, you’ll never measure up.” I love everything about the packaging and the fact that the lipstick has SPF 15. I can’t wait to use it and put up a swatch and an FOTD entry with it on!


To be honest, I’ve been taking forever to choose between this shade, Lingerie Pink and Frivolous Pink, all three being from the Rouge Volupté range. I finally chose this one because it looks best on me and doesn’t make me look too old. Gosh, I am getting to the age where I actually want to look young! This is terrible. This means that somewhere inside of me, something actually readily admits I am old! I need to take that part of me out and burn it. LOL.


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hdsjvgvasjfvjhvj May 23, 2013 - 3:56 pm

i ate the lipstick, it tasted yummy!

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