Picture Perfect Series: Everyday Glam Like a Celebrity

by Roxanne C.

Celebrities that we all know and love manage to look good all the time, no matter if they are just shopping downtown, enjoying a summer respite with ice cream, taking a flight at the airport or attending a red carpet event. It’s true that normal people like us don’t have stylists at our beck and call but there are things that we can manage on our own, given a little time and effort. In this second installation of the Picture Perfect Series, I present 6 simple tips to look celebrity-worthy everyday of the week.


Red carpet glam.


Everyday glam is possible and you don't have to be a star.


1) It’s All About the Hair


Celebrities are rarely photographed with terrible hair. Therefore, make use of your hair styling tools, like the curling or straightening irons, as well as hair serums, masks and conditioners. Tresses are important because in a way, they indicate the health and lifestyle of a person. Dyed hair must not have grown out roots showing; retouch those often. Bring out the shine! The bounce! The flare! Healthy hair is a sign of a happy, well taken care of person. Trim the ends every 2 months to prevent split ends.


Having a bad hair day? Well, the answer to that is to tie your hair up in any of the many trendy styles currently seen in magazines. Buns, braids, side braids, fish tail braids, the high and low pony tails… etc. If tied hair isn’t your thing, simply throw on a beret, cap or sun hat!


2) Perfect Skin


We all know that even celebrities have problem skin sometimes. However, with the power of makeup they don’t let it show. Once you know your skin type, you should know the kind of foundation that works for you. To look your best, I recommend moisturiser, face primer, concealor and then foundation.


Moisturiser and face primer make for a smooth canvas to work on, so makeup application goes on better. Concealor works best when you have flaws that you want to keep hidden, like eyebags, freckles or acne scars. However, sometimes, freckles can be kinda cute. If you have oily skin and you prefer liquid foundation to powder ones, brush on some compact powder as a finish instead of dusting loose powder. Compacts can absorb more oil than loose powder and therefore you just need a very thin layer.


3) Come Hither Nails


Never ever bite your nails no matter how tempting it might be. It’s not only bad hygiene but it also makes your nails look terrible and people might think you’re starving all the time! You don’t need manicured nails 24/7 but if you like them a little dressed up, anything goes as long as the colours haven’t half-flaked. The classic French is labelled “classic” for a reason. If you’re in the mood for something brighter, try hip summer colours like neon orange and fuchsia.


Cracked nails are a big no-no, and so are nails that look like talons (i.e. too long and sharp). The colours and designs you have on should also match what you wear. The final thing to remember is to try to keep all your nails at the same length relative to one another.


4) Body Fur


Your legs should be shaved/waxed/epilated and so should your underarms. Moustaches must go and brows must be trimmed. Unibrows never look good. Never. If you have a beard, any beard at all, laser it completely off! Tiny hairs on your fingers, back of the hand and toes should go too – we are’t hobbits, we’re hairless fairies. Once you get rid of unnecessary hair, try applying moisturiser on your legs to give them a healthy glow. If you still aren’t convinced about shaving off your underarm hair, watch this video below:



5) Accessorise


Whenever celebrities hit the red carpet or even head outdoors to be seen by the paparrazzi, most of the time, they are endorsed by brands wanting to promote their names. At gala events like the Oscar Awards Ceremony, they are adorned with jewellery from luxury brands. However, most people aren’t as privileged and/or aren’t able to afford such precious bauble.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a Cartier or a Tiffany. You can still make do with something light or statement-making, so long as you match it well with whatever else you wear. At least have something, be it a ring, pearl studs, a necklace with a cute charm or bangles. Accessories don’t have to be ultra bling or be made from exquisite gems to let other people know that you are aware of how you look and that you take pride in presenting yourself well.


6) The Poise


Now that you have it all together, the final thing you must know is the poise. Be confident of who you are and how you look. You don’t need to be thin or have big boobs to be sexy or hot – everyone knows that.


Know your best angle when taking pictures. If you aren’t sure, practise at home in front of the mirror or take many self portraits at different angles to find that perfect fit. Don’t walk. Sashay. Take your steps as if you’re on the runway and all eyes are on you. Look straight ahead (but of course, do look where you’re going so you don’t step on dog poop), lift your chin up and straighten your shoulders. Finding it hard to keep that posture? Regular yoga and pilates are some body toning exercises that will help. When you know you look good, even last minute camera clicks can capture a good impromptu picture.


Image credits: Allocine.fr, Algerie360.com,  Apostrophemag.com and Public.fr
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