Latest Obsession: Love & Beauty

by Roxanne C.

I had only just learnt about the beauty line of Forever 21, Love & Beauty. I browsed through their entire range on the website and here are some of my favourite items that I cannot stop lemming over.


Bow Print Compact.


Floral Cosmetic Brush Set.


Leopard & Rose Cosmetic Brush Set.


Heart Cosmetic Brush Set.


Hearts & Beauty Lint Roller (too cute).


Sweet Candy Nail File Set.


Now how about that! I love the sweet baby pink colour that’s in these items. If I could only choose two items (one is just not enough!) from all of the above, I’d pick the Floral Cosmetic Brush Set and the Hearts & Beauty Lint Roller. The brush sets all contain the same kind of brushes but in different designs, which is what I like about them. They are also pretty affordable, costing USD$4.90 per set. They’d be great Christmas presents for the teenager who’s just starting to explore with makeup! I’d get these too in a spree soon!



Image credits: Forever 21

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