Very Dior: Temporary Membership

October 20, 2011

OK. I know I said I’d be switching to WordPress but I just realised WordPress is pretty confusing and complicated. I would like Laced Ivory to be something more than just a blog – I’d like it to look nicer and more professional. That’s why I have decided to switch to a self-hosted WordPress blog and this is going to take me months because I need to pay for a web host. In any case, I’ll continue blogging here for the meantime because I simply cannot stop blogging for long… Also, do like Laced Ivory on our Facebook page to receive exclusive updates and giveaways!


I finally got the chance to buy a new bottle of my favouritesttesttest foundation, Dior’s Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10 (read my review here). I wanted to get a sample of their mascara too but the salesgirl then told me that they only give samples to members who buy Dior’s products. So, I joined the club as a Dior member! Well, technically I’m not in the club yet, because I need to spend at least SGD$200 within 6 months to get that status. Therefore, I am now only a temporary member till the time I top up my purchases. The foundation itself costs SGD$69. But whatever, here’s a look at my card!


Just some wacky photoshopping I did.


The temporary membership card.


What items do you think I should get to top up my purchases to $200? I’m not thinking of the mascara, so maybe some blush or gloss?



Pretty knitted bucket bags via {link url=""}{/link}.



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