Introducing the g3 Gac Superfruit Blend

by Roxanne C.


g3 Gac Superfruit Blend with Lipocarotenes.


My mum bought this from my cousin recently and I’ve been taking this once every day, except for weekends. It’s my morning drink that has replaced green tea for the time being. I actually love it and it has done wonders for me. This is especially telling when you look at my complexion, which has improved tremendously over the past few weeks after I started taking this. I’d just like to share more about this health product, which I feel can benefit many people apart from myself.


The gac fruit has been known by many to be a great source of nutrients and health benefits. A fruit native to Vietnam, it’s been termed by some as the “Fruit from Heaven” or a “Super Fruit.” It is an extremely rich source (up to 10 times that of a carrot) of a special form of beta-carotenes called lipocarotenes, which are fat-soluble carotenoids. These help to boost your immune system and promote cellular rejuvenation. It’s important that we take in enough antioxidants in our daily diet but many people don’t realise that there are antioxidants that can only be absorbed by the body if there is fat content around. The gac fruit not only contains these antioxidants, it also contains the fat that can allow our body to take in the antioxidants we’re consuming – an effective two-in-one. This made me realise that because I’m naturally slim (not boasting or anything – I’ve been this way my whole life), I don’t really have fats to absorb such nutrients, and so no wonder nothing ever worked on me. Relying only on water-soluble nutrients is, of course, not enough!


The g3 Gac Superfruit Blend also contains the Chinese lycium (Wolfsberry), Siberian pineapple and cili fruit. Together, they help to fight against cellular free radical damage and slow down the effects of ageing by protecting your DNA. So far, I’ve seen a vast improvement in my complexion. Although I still get pimples, they only pop up very occasionally and they heal much faster than before. I don’t even use a pimple cream or gel anymore; I can just let my skin heal naturally, applying only my moisturiser twice a day. What I like about the drink is that I can add ice to it and make it refreshing, as opposed to green tea, which I consume warm. In a climate like Singapore’s, ice is way better than steam.


So that’s just my two cents’ worth. If you’d like to know where you can buy this, just leave a comment and I can help you! To read more about the gac fruit, see Bowl of Heaven and St. Paul Brands.




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