Latest Obsession: NARS Cosmetics’ Arabian Nights Trio Eyeshadow

by Roxanne C.


Purple glam that's perfect for the holiday season. Or not.


I am in love yet again with another NARS product. This time it’s the Trio Eyeshadow in Arabian Nights. Three eyeshadows in one, featuring three colours that complement one another just nicely for a mesmerising smoky eye look. A must-have for any girl who’s into purples! But on closer inspection (i.e. reading reviews online), it seems this palette doesn’t have very good colour payoff. It looks super pretty in the pan but the colours just don’t rub off on you like you’d think they would. I guess this item will be just as it is: an obsession with the imaginary 100% user satisfaction forever.




Ballerinas at practice via {link url=""}Laura Zalenga{/link}.




Image credits: NarsCosmetics