Sneak Peek: Robinsons Expo Sale 2011

by Roxanne C.

I went down to the Robinsons Expo Sale over the weekend that just passed. I had quite high hopes on what I’d find there, with regards to makeup but I’m not sure if it was a disappointment or a blessing in disguise that there were but a few brands and items left since it was the final day of the mega sale. It was slightly disappointing because it was nothing like the Disneyland I had in mind and it was also good in a way because I actually thought hard about what to get and came away with some good steals. Here’s just a sneak peek at the items I got. Detailed reviews with more pictures will definitely be up shortly!


Paris Hilton's Falsies.


This pair of Paris Hilton Hollywood Glamour Lashes by Elegant Touch was going for S$6 and to be honest, I wasn’t aiming for it initially. I was actually drawn to the boxes of Sex and the City lashes hanging on the same rack but then got distracted by Paris Hilton’s picture. There was only one miserable box of Miranda’s lashes left and they didn’t look quite even so I skipped them and bought this one instead. There are the nice black sequins near the base of the lashes and I CAN’T WAIT to wear this out!


Paul & Joe Eyebrow Powder and Brush.


This was probably the best bargain that I got! The original price of this Paul & Joe Eyebrow Powder in 01 was S$38 and I only paid S$18 for it. I’d been longing for the brow powder duo from Anastasia but as fate would have it, I never once got the chance to see the product in real life. On top of that, this shade was the second last one left on the shelf so I immediately got it after swatching the sample displayed. No regrets!


Skincare set from Avène.


I recently switched to Avène and I really like the gel cleanser I’m using. I decided to get this set, which includes an Extremely Gentle Cleanser, Skin Recovery Cream and Thermal Spring Water spray. I’m all about good skincare! Digressing, I really, really need a Nikon DSLR!


Bio-essence's 24K Bio-Gold Eye Contour Lifting Serum.


My sister and I got this Bio-essence serum for the eyes together. We’ve never tried this product so we thought it would be nice to buy one for the both of us and see the effects before committing to it. Bird’s nest and gold should be a good combination, right?


Girly hair clips!


Close-up of the tiny one.


I came across this stall selling accessories (hair clips, hair ties, rings, earrings, etc) and found these two pretty things! I really love the navy blue bow with the rose pink part in the middle. The tiny cream and gold one is too cute! It’s also a good investment because the diamantes won’t fall out as they’re clamped down! When I tried this on, a girl immediately told her girl friend to look over and check it out, and I knew I had to get this. Girl power rocks.


That’s not all I got. My sister picked out a white dress for me. I tried it out and fell in love with it so even though it’s got thread coming out in some parts – but nothing that cannot be mended with a pair of scissors – the huge discount more than made up for it. I’m so excited with all my buys and I can’t decide on which item to use first! We chanced upon MPH‘s clearance sale at Expo after paying for our Robinsons purchase and came home with an additional 10 books costing a total of S$30. It’s like Christmas came early for me this year!





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Jackie December 8, 2012 - 1:23 pm

Can you compare the paul and joe compact with a quarter or something of known size? I can't find any photos that clearly shows the size. I'm hoping it's not tiny ><

lacedivory86 December 12, 2012 - 5:23 am

Hello Jackie,

I'm sorry I don't have a reference for this. But it's not that tiny even though it fits in my palm. =)


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