Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector Launch Event

by Roxanne C.

I was recently invited to Clinique‘s Oscar-themed launch event for the highly anticipated Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. The event itself was amazing and I got to meet really cool people, bloggers and writers alike. I got the honour of talking to Christina Livingstone, the Senior Education Director of Clinique Asia Pacific. Nothing beats hearing about a wonder product straight from one of the people behind its success.


The event itself was quite the glam thing. There was a white carpet once I got down from the Mercedes cab (with a single digit car number plate), which was hired to chauffeur me to and fro the event. And then there were the many photographers, standing behind the barricades, all taking shots of me with their DSLRs while I sashayed down the carpet with Joyce (the delightful girl from Brand Story who invited me) in tow. Alright, I didn’t sashay per se. I just walked with the straightest posture I could muster up and avoided looking into the cameras as far as I could. To be honest, the moment I saw all the photogs while I was still in the cab, I said to the driver, “I don’t dare to go out!” To which he asked quite puzzledly, “Why?” He must have thought I go to events like this all the time. At the end of the carpet, Bobby Tonelli interviewed all the guests before we entered the main arena, where the presentation about the product was made later on.


Pursing my lips while I thought of what my favourite Clinique product was. I suppose this is a bad picture for both Bobby and I but it's the only one I have.


Watching the introductory video.


I’ve started using the serum but it’s going to take some weeks before I can do a full review of it. To learn the benefits and other details of this wonderful skin corrector, head on over to the article I wrote in Fever Avenue here.





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