Salon 360° at the Marina Bay Sands – A Luxurious Treat

by Roxanne C.

I went down to Salon 360° at Marina Bay Sands last week to try out their Kérastase Hair and Scalp Ritual for a feature on Fever Avenue. I don’t know where to start but let me begin by saying that this was my first spa experience of any kind and I thoroughly enjoyed and relaxed myself at the salon. Before I write the rest of this entry, let me coerce you into reading the full-blown article I wrote on Fever Avenue here about more of my experience that afternoon and view hi-res pictures of the place.


The atmosphere in the salon was classy and nothing nose-up-in-the-air kind of posh. I really liked the way the salon was designed and it was very welcoming. I was attended to the moment I stepped into the salon and was given world class treatment from then on. I was asked if I’d like a drink and a waitress from the nearby TWG Tea Company personally came down with a menu in hand! I requested for something cold, since I had run in the rain to the mall and although TWG normally only serves hot tea, she specially made me a cold version of one of their exclusive tea blends (thank you so much, I really needed it!).


The first thing you’ll see in the salon is their retail section, where there are lots of hair care products displayed for sale. There’s also a table with swatches of dyes for you to pick a shade (or shades) you like and you can choose this before entering the main “arena.”


Food for your hair.


Dye swatches.


Let's all imagine for a while... that we have the world's most perfect butts.


Chatting with the staff there revealed some interesting facts about the salon. More than half of their customers are foreigners, usually those who stay in the nearby hotels, and some of them actually come specially for the hair services here. While I was there, I even witnessed a translator who helped tourists who couldn’t speak English well.


At the beginning of my session, I went through a short hair and scalp analysis using an equipment with a microscope that could zoom in 500 times to look at all the grime I have on the surface. I requested to look at a certain part of my scalp because it hurts sometimes when I try to change the part around the area. My therapist, Jerlyn, was very accommodating and to my relief, all I have is a sensitive scalp and slight thinning (2-3 strands per follicle instead of 3-4 strands) near the center part.


Going to view my scalp up close and personal.


Redness on the scalp indicates sensitivity.


A scan of my hair showed healthy and shiny strands!


Now that we’ve identified the level of damage of my hair, which wasn’t very much, Jerlyn could then decide which products to use for the spa. I was brought to the private spa room, which can fit a maximum of 2 people at a time, and had to change into a tube and a robe. I had trouble wearing the tube (had no idea it was supposed to be a tube) and had to ask for help after looking ridiculous and giving up. Jerlyn was nice enough not to laugh at me. I would have if I were her. It reminded me of the Grey’s Anatomy episode where Meredith stripped and wore the MRI cover, which, by the way, made me guffaw like crazy.


All changed and ready to go!


The platter from TWG Tea Company!


I got to use this other private room after the spa session, when my hair was blown dry and styled. Sorry for the blur picture!


Overall, the experience was unforgettable. My hair was extremely smooth to the touch when I left, smoothest it had ever been in a very long while. Because I was in a hurry, I left my beloved new hair clip behind! I called them up immediately and told them I’d be back within the next few days to collect it. When I returned 2 days later, not only was my clip safe and sound, I found that it had also been kept nicely in a hand-made paper-and-scotch tape envelope. How relieved was I!


I really enjoyed myself during the spa session and courtesy of the salon, I am going to give you readers something special real soon. So keep a lookout on this page, as well as on the blog’s Facebook page, if you’d like to get notified once the giveaway begins!





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