Dior Brings Us Icelandic Glacial Water

by Roxanne C.


The sun's rays can be harmful - we know that. So what can we do?


Dior‘s fans rejoice. The Chinese New Year may be over, and so will Valentine’s when this is launched, but skin protection never ends. From 1st March 2012, the Diorsnow range of skincare, sun care and makeup products will be reformulated with the new Icelandic Glacial Water, one of the purest forms of water available on our lovely planet. Below are a couple of pictures from the new makeup range.


The new Icy Halos Collection featuring new lip, nail and eye colours.


The new Diorsnow Light Amplifying Face Powder. I really want to see this pretty pink thing for real!


The Light Amplifying Face Powder looks so pretty. Check out the other skincare products in my feature on Fever Avenue here!





Bike with flowers via {link url="http://pinterest.com/pin/149111437631996318/"}Pinterest{/link}.

This picture reminds me of the part in the movie “Life is Beautiful,” where Guido says chirpily to Dora (who hasn’t yet become his wife), “Buongiorno, Principessa!” Ah, the simplicity and bliss of life before the Nazis came and destroyed what humanity stood for.