The February 2012 Vanity Trove

February 18, 2012


The February Trove.


A lovely surprise.


Opening my February Trove revealed nice presents and potpourri!


I am liking the February 2012 Vanity Trove! First up, it’s Valentine’s themed, so the girls from Vanity Trove added a rose in the Trove this month. It’s not a real rose but at least it’s pink! L’emballage this time is purple though, unlike last month’s. I guess purple means romance? When I opened the Trove, I saw a variety of things in it, from hair care to makeup to food! Here’s the list of items:

1) Skin Inc‘s Pure Repair Whitening Eye Mask

2) Mekhala‘s Black Rice Shampoo and Conditioner (30ml each) from the Signature Black Rice Series

3) Filthy Farmgirl‘s Handmade Valentine Soap in Cardamom Rose

4) OPI‘s Nicki Minaj 2012 Collection nail polishes in Pink Friday (pink) and Save Me (glitter)

5) A pair of earrings from Rinsie Rose

6) A sachet of Allerines‘ Black Tea named Spring Time

7) Several shopping vouchers


The loot.


My new pair of earrings.


OPI's nail polishes!


Soap bar from Filthy Farmgirl.


For a nice cup in the morning.


I apologise for the crappy pictures. My camera seems to be dying a little each day. Even the batteries’ lives seem to have shortened. Maybe next time I’ll borrow my sister’s instead. Anyway, out of all the products, I’m most excited about the tea leaves, the nail polishes and the earrings! I can’t remember the last time I bought an OPI, especially since I got started on Scotch Naturals. I’ll do swatches of these for sure! As I said, the Trove smells lovely this month but I can’t quite pinpoint what’s causing the beautiful scent! Maybe it’s the combination of the tea leaves, soap bar and potpourri. They all smell so nice!


In addition, if I don’t like the set of earrings given, I can exchange it for another item at Natureskin has also given each Trove a voucher that entitles us to a 30% off anything on the website. And finally, by signing up with Mekhala Living, we’d get free samples plus 15% off the first purchase!


Did you get your February Trove? Do share with us what was in yours!





Coffee cup holders via {link url=""}Peonyandfig{/link}.




* This product has been sent to me for my review. Like all my other reviews, everything stated here is objective and honest.