Book of the Moment: No More Dirty Looks

by Roxanne C.



The book I’m currently reading is “No More Dirty Looks” written by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt. I’m not finished with it yet but I would like to recommend it to you on my blog because it’s such a good, informative read.


The authors discuss various issues faced in the world of beauty. Not only do they list out many of the toxic ingredients that are commonly found in beauty products today, they also tell us where these ingredients are usually found in. There are anecdotes describing people’s real experiences with harmful substances. You’ll find dermatologists’ professional opinions on beauty matters, insider secrets as well as products and brands that the authors themselves recommend. Flip between the pages and you’ll see that there are no pictures or illustrations – just plain hard facts. It isn’t too much to absorb as every now and then you’ll come across beauty tips such as, “How to Wash Your Hair” and “How to Properly Wash Your Makeup Brushes.” I’m reeling in glee as I’ve just found out both authors recommend the double cleansing method, which I do every night!


The book is segregated into 10 chapters and an afterword, each chapter targeting one aspect of us, such as our hair, our face and our nails. At the end of the book is a long list of hundreds of references so you can be sure that thorough effort has been put into research and that things written in here are backed by countless scientific findings. If you don’t have the kind of patience to sit through Paula Begoun’s “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me,” you might like to pick this one up since it’s nowhere near as thick.


And finally, if you want to know the real deal with the FDA in America, you might learn a thing or two here.





Emanuel Ungaro's Resort 2012 via {link url=""}Glamour-Blog{/link}.

The first time I heard of the brand was when Lindsay Lohan killed their fashion show with those jejune heart-shaped nipple stickers. She showed the whole world how terrible a designer she was but then hey, suddenly everyone knew about Emanuel Ungaro, including me. I was surprised to find this resort collection as it looks nothing like what she’d created then (which somehow shaped my less-than-impressed opinion of the label). My favourite piece from this collection is the one I’ve just showed you. What do you think of it?





Image credits: 5election