Lip Colour Experiment with Clinique, Heavy Rotation, Makemania & L’Oreal

by Roxanne C.

A couple of weeks ago the lip concealor I bought off eBay was mailed to my door. One day later, I found myself trying out several lip product combinations, some including that concealor, to see what would give the best effect of beautiful, luscious lips. I was really excited to try the concealor out as it was my first concealor of any kind I’ve ever bought in my life! I wanted to see how a lip concealor would change the way my lips looked with makeup on, just for the fun of it. Before you read further though, I have to tell you that I didn’t take any pictures of my lips because I am still saving up for a better camera. I won’t be taking any self pictures until then.


So first up, we’ve got the lip concealor from Heavy Rotation. You can find this in Watsons (Singapore) too. I don’t remember the exact price but it’s definitely less than S$17.


Heavy Rotation Lip Concealor by Kiss Me.


The shade I have is 01 and the concealor comes in a stick form, like a balm. Its coverage is good as it manages to hide the dark outlines of my lips well. To use this, I dab it onto my lips and smudge using only my lips alone. Oh, I really, really WISH I had a good camera now so that I can do tutorials to show you!


The next product which I went ahead to purchase was a lip gloss by Makemania, also a Japanese brand like Heavy Rotation. The one I have is called the Curvy Lip Silicone and the shade is 506 Sweety Pink. I mainly wanted to see the effect of this gloss on top of the concealor.


The Curvy Lip Silicone Gloss by Makemania.


The flat side of the plastic tip applicator.


The narrow side of the plastic tip applicator.


And finally, here is a picture of all the lip products I tried out during my mini experiment, which was really fun and saved me from boredom on a weekday afternoon:


How many lip looks can you come up with with just 4 products?


1) Heavy Rotation‘s Lip Concealor SPF 14 PA++ in Shade 01

2) Clinique‘s Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in 10 Grapefruit

3) L’Oreal‘s Made for Me Intense Color Riche Lipstick in 379 Sensual Rose

4) Makemania‘s Curvy Lip Silicone Lip Gloss in 506 Sweety Pink


All the products were used on top of a lip balm. I found that the Makemania gloss didn’t go so well over the concealor. At first, it looked perfect, like the lips of the model you see on the packaging. But after a while, the gloss started to set in and it sinked into all the lip creases! It made the lines very obvious, even if it were just the tiny ones. It seemed as though the gloss decided to bring along the concealor particles and faire une fête right there in the troughs. However, I had a little brainwave and decided to try the lip gloss on its own. This time the gloss behaved well enough and actually, the concealor wasn’t necessary in the first place. So in future, I’ll only wear the gloss without the concealor beneath it. One thing I noticed about the Makemania gloss was that it was better and more evenly applied with a lip brush than the given applicator.


The thing I have with lip products is that I don’t think there is one single product out there that can give the exact effect I desire at any one time. Therefore, when the need arises, I always mix my colours and textures to achieve the ideal. With that, I found that the best combination in this experiment was the lip concealor + L’Oreal’s lipstick + Clinique’s lip gloss. My lips looked juicy with these products applied in that order and the colour did not run or stray anywhere for hours. Lip lines did not show up and the dark outlines of my lips were hidden well. I love this look! The Clinique gloss goes on well alone on top of the lip concealor too but I still prefer it over the lipstick.


So there you have it, my mini lip experiment done on a sunny afternoon sometime in February. Any thoughts?





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Ellie July 20, 2012 - 1:07 pm

Hey, I was looking for reviews for certain products and I stumbled across this post. I noticed you wrote that number 3 is from Maybelline, but it's actually from L'oreal Paris. Just wanted to point that out.

lacedivory86 July 20, 2012 - 3:51 pm

Hey Ellie,

Thanks for the feedback! I've made the changes to it. Great eyes you have! 😉



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