Guest Post: Strivectin Challenge

by Roxanne C.

A friend of mine got to do the Strivectin challenge for 8 weeks. Let’s see how it went down! The following review is entirely written by her.


The Challenge:

Apply StriVectin Photo White series X2 daily for 8 weeks and monitor the difference. Expected to see the following results:

  • Radiance
  • Brightness
  • Transparency
  • Uniform Skintone
  • Smoothness
  • Skintone Clarity
  • Evenness



From the Strivectin Photo-White range.

StriVectin- WHTM, Photo-White Booster Serum

StriVectin- WHTM, Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30


Texture & Scent (Serum):

Texture of the serum.

Light weight and semi transparent.

Smooth and hydrating.

Melts into the skin immediately, leaving an extraordinary velvety finish.

No medicinal smell. Surprisingly light and pleasant.


Immediate Effect:

Some stay, some fall.

Absorbs quickly, lightweight.

Sheer and nonsticky.

Instant toning.

Allows applying foundation and makeup immediately.



On the blotting paper.

Test on Gatsby blotting paper for an hour.

No oiliness found after an hour leaving the blotting paper unchanged.

Suitable for all skin type including oily and troubled skin.



8 weeks later.

After 2 weeks – Skin looked smoother, more resilient.

After 4 weeks – Reduced redness and improved brightness of skintone.

After 8 weeks – Visible radiance, evenness of skintone.

(Picture taken after 8 weeks)



Tighter pores!

Reduced blemishes and red spots.

Created smoothness and tightened pores.

Skin is more transparent.


Overall Experience:

Effectiveness – Strivectin Photo White serum really is a product for all types of people, skin and ages. I am 26-year old with not many visible spots but since my skin is combination oily type I have redness from breakouts. The product definitely helped to reduce redness and really created visible smoothness.
Speed of Results – I found results within the first 5-7 days, especially on damaged area around my nose. After 4 weeks I could see redness minimizing and evening out skintone.
Value – I think Strivectin is very much a value product, especially as it compares to the high luxury skin care products which could cost up to three times as much.


Check out the Strivectin virtual Photo-White results tool here to see how the product works on other women.