BECCA Now at Escentials Singapore

by Roxanne C.

Fans of BECCA rejoice because the brand is now sold in Singapore as well! I was invited to the launch event held at Paragon’s Escentials outlet and I had a fun time. The first time I ever stepped into an Escentials store was a few weeks ago, when I was at the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes mall. I fell in love with the decor then, and was so tempted to take a long rest on the comfy couch right in the middle. The branch at Paragon is no exception in terms of interior designing excellence but this one sells more fragrances.


Some items on display for the event.


Home fragrances.


Colour-coded candles.


Baby fluff balls!


After checking out some of the items on display, the event kicked off with Steven Schapera, CEO of BECCA, introducing the brand and philosophy behind the brand. There are at present many cosmetic brands out there that had come about because their founders, be it makeup artists or models, realised that the available makeup resources in the industry did not cater to a wide enough variety of ethnicity. BECCA is one of these companies and therefore it should come as no surprise that their beauty product shades are aplenty. Just foundation alone comes in more than 30 shades.


Steven looks very happy to be introducing BECCA to us!


A little later, Lisa Pemberton, BECCA’s International Makeup Artist, gave a demonstration on creating a natural-but-made-up look using BECCA’s products. Lisa has been in the industry for many years and has even worked in feature films such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (one of my favourites). The model that she worked on for this event was young and gorgeous. I see all models as the Veelas fleeting around in our world today.


Lisa working her magic on the model, who was already beautiful even before makeup was applied.


So pretty!


Another model with a different look achieved using BECCA products.


After the demonstration, we got to check out the entire range of BECCA behind closed doors. There were lots and lots of different products, all just waiting for us to try out. Personally, the only BECCA product I’ve touched till today is the Eye Tint (shade Vicuna), when I turned makeup artist in December last year. However, I’ve heard raves about their Luminous Skin Colour SPF 25+ so maybe I’ll experiment with it sometime in the future.


Colours make my life a wonderful one.


Models, all with BECCA on their skin.


A closer look at the tints.


Shimmery and not-so-shimmery neutral eyeshadow shades!


I also managed to learn a little about Le Labo, a fragrance brand with products retailing in Escentials as well. It’s an environmentally friendly label that uses recycled materials in their product packaging. Achieving beauty while saving the earth is definitely something worth taking note of!


The individual fragrances all laid out for you to pick.


This is what I'd be used to if I had enough money to accept that ISIPCA offer the last time round.


I had an enjoyable evening at Escentials that day. I met Kristen from Beauty Sorority and we hit it off the moment we spoke to each other! In fact, we had dinner together right after the event. I love meeting new people and making new friends!


I’ll definitely be doing reviews of some of the products that were in my goodie bag, so do look out for that!





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