How to Tell if You’re a Makeup Junkie

by Roxanne C.

Most girls like makeup and the wonderful things it can do for us. But some girls, like me, love makeup more than others. Way more. Here are eleven ways to tell if you are a makeup junkie.


I love makeup!


1) You feel an inexplicable attraction towards makeup.

2) You’re constantly on the lookout for new beauty products on the market.

3) You check out beauty blogs more frequently than most people.

4) You spend loads on makeup (and skincare too) as opposed to other material things like clothes and food.

5) You know exactly where to find certain products from certain brands. You know which items are exclusives and which aren’t.

6) You see beauty stores (*ahem* Sephora) as heaven.

7) You’re a member of at least one insiders’ club so that you get discounts and invites to members-only events. You probably don’t need a newsletter every week but you sign up anyway. Just in case.

8) You own too much makeup to use them all.

9) You can identify a product’s name and parent company just by looking at it. It’s like your eyes are trained to recognise the special motifs, engravings and colour codes, and if you’re “professional” enough, you can even tell the collection it was launched in.

10) You’ve tried your hand in everything makeup-related.

11) You’re the one your friends and family members go to for makeup and beauty advice.





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Image credits: Photo-Bugs