Review: Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

by Roxanne C.

I’ve been using this serum with varying frequencies for a few months now. This latest serum from Clinique, the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, has been clinicaly proven to lighten dark spots, age spots as well as acne scars to give a more even complexion. It has won awards in prestigious magazines like Allure and Marie Claire so there is little wonder that it works. To use it, take 2 – 3 pumps each time and apply it evenly to the entire face twice a day.


Get rid of spots fast!


When first starting to use the serum, effects were seen after at least two weeks. I experimented using this with varying periods of frequency. First I used it twice daily and then I switched to using it only at night. Then I reduced the usage to once or twice a week and only when using my Baby Quasar. I found that it works best when used regularly and so I’ve now returned to using it every night. I don’t use it in the day because of the humid climate in Singapore. If I were somewhere more temperate, I’d probably use it twice daily.


Overall, I love this product. The serum is slightly yellow and thick and it doesn’t smell. It hasn’t given me any skin problems and my complexion is very obviously evened out. I suffer mostly from acne scars as opposed to age spots, so I can safely say that this serum also lightens scarring very well. My skin looks way healthier and much more radiant and I’m super happy with what the Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector has done for me. One note of caution: It doesn’t work on freckles. I was given a normal-sized (30ml) sample to try out when I attended the launch event some time back and I loved it so much that I bought the jumbo bottle (50ml) after it ran out. When my current supply runs out in due time and I can’t find an alternative to try (maybe Caudalie’s), I’ll most probably head back to using it. It may be a little on the high-end side but it’s worth every cent.





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