Laced Ivory’s in the Top 10!

by Roxanne C.

I’ve got some good news to share! Recently, I nominated Laced Ivory up for the SG Blog Awards 2012 and guess what? The blog was selected by a panel of judges to be one of the Top 10 in the Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog Category! I’m so happy and excited about it because this is the first time I’ve nominated the blog for anything (as far as I can remember) and it actually got through to the second round.


Mary Chia, a trusty and reliable spa in Singapore.


The spa's latest ambassador, the very pretty Vicki Zhao.


I got to meet the nine other bloggers who made it (you can see the entire list here) and earlier this week we went down to the Clementi (Singapore) branch of Mary Chia for a briefing and an interview. Now I don’t really have pictures because I didn’t bring my good camera along. Just to let you in on the low down, we each got our body fat percentage measured and I’m in the ideal range. I was told I could afford to lose 2kg if I wanted to (I think it’s water weight) but actually, I really can’t be bothered. It’s just 2kg, not 20kg. Anyhow, we walked away with an S$850 voucher to be used on any Mary Chia service we want to! Awesome.


We were also individually interviewed by a small crew (a duo, actually) from, the main organiser of the entire competition. By interview, I mean a video-yes-they-filmed-me interview, with the microphone, interviewer and a completely-in-my-face camera. Oh my gosh. I was so nervous! My first interview ever. I’ll share the video when I can, when I find that it’s finally uploaded online.


The best part about the whole getting nominated thing is this: I get to host a spa party sponsored (S$300) by Mary Chia for 10 – 25 people! Also, my guests will each get to choose a pampering service by Mary Chia at the party and bring home with them a S$100 voucher to be used on Mary Chia services! I’m so excited for this that I see winning the contest as just the icing on the cupcake. I’ve always wanted to host a spa party for my girlfriends and now I can! I’m also considering whether to have some of you readers come for it. It’s going to be awesome.


Anyhow, I’ll write more about this in a few days, when more details have been confirmed. Here’s a picture of my hair that my sister did up for me. Fish tail braids. I am still trying to master it!


My pretty braids, taken by lovely {link url=""}Elrica{/link} on our way home after the event.


I’ll update you guys on the progress soon! Also, if you’ll like to vote for Laced Ivory in the contest, which is only open to Singaporeans, you can do so here (you’ll need an account). You can vote once a day too, till the contest ends at the end of June. Finally, I’ll like to thank everyone of you who’s made this possible!





Summer celebration via {link url=""}Pizzazzerie{/link}.




P.S. Check out Mary Chia’s Facebook page here.


Image credits: Google Images