My Dirty Little Secret

by Roxanne C.

Everyone’s got them. Those dirty little secrets that no one else but themselves knows. Some are pretty disgusting, like eating your own boogers (I swear I’ve never done that), while others are a little more toned down on the gross factor, like going for botox treatments (never done this either). ¬†Of course, I have a secret too and it definitely is dirty indeed.


My secret that isn’t clean at all…


You can probably guess by now what that secret is. You see, I can get pretty lazy. There are many times when I just don’t feel like doing anything else other than lie in bed and day dream. When this happens too often enough, I neglect stuff. Stuff like washing my makeup brushes. Sometimes, if I could, I’d go on for weeks and even more than a month without washing any of them until my foundation brush, which I use almost every day, starts giving me breakouts. It’s terrible, I know! Just imagine: The last time I washed my brushes, I had to wash my foundation brush three times before the water came clean. I don’t even want to think about the number of bacteria colonies growing in there. They probably came together, mutated and came up with hybrids.


I’d thought of getting new brushes to replace the dirty ones so I wouldn’t have to wash so often. But if you think about it, it just means more work in the long run because I end up ultimately having more brushes to clean. So the only solution I guess is really just to wash them more often even though I have an alcoholic brush cleanser at hand.


What about you? What is your dirty little secret?





Keys at a Clifton Inn wedding affair via Style Me Pretty.