Latest Rave and Review: Sexy Look’s Firming Mask

by Roxanne C.

There’re really great reviews of this Sexy Look Firming Mask all around the internet and it’s time I contributed to that collection. One sentence: I really love it! Here’s a quick look at the packaging in hot pink, no less:


Sexy Look’s Firming Mask.


Each box costs less than S$20 at the local Watsons (Singapore) and includes 5 separate facial mask sheets. The product does not contain alcohol, so I have no problems with using it. There are 2 pairs of hooks in each mask, one for the upper part of the mask and the other pair’s attached to the lower half of the mask. To use it, fit the upper half of the mask in place and then the lower half. The loops go around the ears so even if you bend and face downwards, the mask doesn’t fall off. You have to stretch this one across your face so that everything gets absorbed proper into your skin.


The first time I used this, I wasn’t sure how it worked. Two pairs of hooks? How weird. Also, it was pretty tight and fit very snugly onto my face. Because of the loops around my ears, the mask stayed in place the whole time I had it on so I could go about my normal business looking like a mummy. After taking it off some 20 minutes later, my face looked radiant, refreshed and plump! It was also visibly firmed, especially around the jaw area. I love it!


I really recommend this mask, and it’s superb for mornings when you wake up puffy-faced. This solves the problem of water retention effectively, and so I reserve this for the day and not night. Everyone should try it!





Café de la Chaîne d’Or via Zoreil.