Latest Obsession: The MOR Emporium Hand Cream Lychee Flower

by Roxanne C.

I’m the kind of girl who’s really into hand creams and stuff, especially when I travel to colder climates. The skin around my nails tend to harden up and the back of my hands flake easily. So I was window surfing and came across the MOR Emporium Hand Cream Lychee Flower on Luxola.


The MOR Emporium Hand Cream Lychee Flower.


Designed and made in Australia, the hand cream is formulated with lots of beneficial and moisturising ingredients such as cocoa butter, Irish moss and glycerin. It’s also free from parabens, mineral oil and synthetic dyes. Best of all, it’s not animal tested! I’m really into this whole non-animal testing thing with beauty products, so this is a great bonus point for MOR Cosmetics as a whole. The Lychee Flower hand cream also has a light fragrance and as quoted from the MOR Cosmetics website, it is, “produced with sparkling sweet lychee flowers united with ripe berries, soft powdery florals and the slightest hint of green forest woods.”


The final selling point of this product is the pretty, pretty packaging. In general, MOR Cosmetics’ products are designed with the traditional art of paper crafting in mind. Even the MOR logo is inspired by it. Each product comes packaged in boxes that are also specially designed to fit the look of whatever’s inside it, so they make for great gifts too. I’m glad I stumbled upon this really interesting beauty brand, and it’s one that I’ll be keeping a constant lookout for!


Are you sold yet? Get yours from Luxola today!





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